I need to vent too!

  1. I had a Chloe bag listed for a great price, 21 people were watching it and NO ONE BID ON IT. i AM SO FRUSTRATED. What's up with people watching and not bidding???????

    Thanks. I feel a little better now.
  2. Oh, I feel your pain. I just cannot sell ANY high end bags lately. What's up with that? And I'm selling them too cheap already!
  3. I know what you are saying. I had a Louis Vuitton up and lots of hits on it but only a few bids and they were very low. I ended the auction and moved the reserve UP, not down. I'm afraid that it will sell way too low and I'd rather keep it and try again later.
    I think sales are down on eBay now...except for fakes and they are selling very well!:cursing:
  4. How frustrating! :sad:

    Just out of interest, what sort was it?
  5. I agree sales are down. I've listed Isabella Fiore,Betsey Johnson and Tano and have had to list some several times. Some haven't sold at all. I'm so depressed, thinking about leaving it alone for awhile.
  6. Yeah so sorry to hear that! But sometimes that happens. give it awhile and relist it. you'll probably get some success. sometimes it takes a 2nd or 3rd try. There were times when i made the mistake of wanting to selling something and ended up selling it for too low.

    that's so frustrating that it's the fakes that are selling. i suppose it's because they're going for a "good" price. and eBay's attempts to weed out the fakes hasn't really helped the situation and they've weeded out more everyday ppl selling authentic items than people selling fakes.

    I mean how hard is it for eBay to figure out that if one user is selling 50 bags of the same brand or an assortment of colors of the same style, that the items are fake?!?!

    so frustrating!! i hear you all!
  7. Argh, have to add another vent ... I have an expensive Fendi bag on eBay, I am selling it for far less than what it's worth and far less than what I paid ... someone sent me a best offer for $200!!! I sent them an email back asking them to please not insult me and countered with $800!
  8. Aren't the first 5 months of the new year always the worst for sales? I could be totally BS'ing of course lol, but im sure i heard that someplace
  9. I don't know what your rating is but it seems to me that if you're not showing a mypoupette logo, have a high positive feedback number or sell alot you'll have a difficult time selling high end items on ebay. There are so many scammers out there, people are scared of being taken. And also, people are cheap. I recently sold a brand new (bought it. loved it, but really didn't have a use for it) Charms pouchette for almost half of the retail price! This was after 4 attempts! Needless to say, I was not happy. On all occasions, there were lots of lookers and a people who sent in mindless best offers. I feel your pain!
  10. I feel your pain I currently have 3 LE Louis Vuittons and and loads of people are watching them and no bids and the prices are low. Silver Mirrior Speedy 2200 Silver Speedy Dentelle 1700 and Denim Mini Pleaty Raye all used less than 3 times and like new..I put them at almost what I paid for them (expect the Mirior) ahhhh people are so cheap
  11. i understand how frustrating it can be... i've listed a few things with more 10+ watchers, and in the end, only 2 people placed bids.
  12. I had someone win my Coach Bag ($500 plus) and finally resonded to the payment reminder. Her new husband won't let her pay for it!

    Geez. I am getting tired of this.
  13. Obviously she married a loser!
    I'm sorry, but personally I just cannot possibly imagine my husband telling me something like that...

    On the topic of sales, yes things are definitely slow. Plenty of watchers & no bidders.
  14. :cursing: Stupid best offer person who offered me $200 for my expensive Fendi bag ... when I asked her not to insult me with such a low offer she wrote back and said since it didn't have a dustbag and tags how could she know it was real?

    OMG, how could she not know she is stupid? :noggin: Since when do those items guarantee authenticity? I told her she should be able to tell by the hologram and serial number! Duh!