I need to vent Damier/L.A.M.B

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  1. I was recently at my local mall with my new speedy 35 Damier, and I walked into bebe. The sales girl, says "I love your purse. I have a L.A.M.B Bag too! I was so irritated and said, "this is NOT LAMB!" This is a louis! I was very very upset. Do you guys think the Damier speedy really looks like LAMB? There is nothing wrong with LAMB, but I am very proud of my bag and don't want people getting it confused with other brands.
  2. I'm not sure why her comment made you so upset. She simply didn't know your damier was Louis Vuitton. I would have said very politely that it was a Louis Vuitton.
  3. It's not that it made me really upset, but I would never make a comment on someones bag if I didn't know what it was. Especially mixing up brands. I am just wondering if the damier looks too much like some of the lamb bags. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision by buying the damier instead of the mono.
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    Is it important that people know you have a Louis Vuitton purse? Then I would have gone with monogram for sure. However, I don't think damier looks like LAMB. That girl thought you had a LAMB bag. She was uneducated obviously but it shouldn't merit unhappy thoughts. You should love your damier because of the line and not if others will see it as a LV. But since it's important for you to show off a Louis Vuitton you shouldn't worry because people do realize it is Louis Vuitton even if that one girl had no clue.
  5. I agree with LVBastille.

    no need to get upset...she was just trying to give you a compliment! and IMO any compliment should be appreciated...even if in ignorance
  6. I agree with LVBastille and jayd23, she might not have known the brand but she liked the style (much more important) and that warrants a thank you.
  7. There are some LAMB bags that do slightly mimick Damier. I wouldn't get upset however.
  8. i got a new damier speedy 25 (a valentine's day gift for myself) and i love it! i got the damier instead of the monogram precisely because i wanted to be more understated, plus it has lower maintenance. i prefer people don't necessarily know it's an LV.
  9. I am not super familiar with L.A.M.B. but I know they have a checkboard pattern. Not everyone knows what a damier LV looks like. I agree if you needed everyone to know that you have an LV always go for mono.

    I guess her comment would have caught me offguard, but I would have probably just said thanks or maybe corrected her gently. No need to embarrass her. I also agree it shouldn't ruin your day.

    I am sorry that you had to get that upset though.
  10. I wasn't upset. I was more annoyed. And I wasn't rude to the girl at all (if that's how I came across) and I did give her a thank you. I already have a speedy 30 in MONO, so I didn't want my new speedy 35 to be another mono. I just never even thought they were similar in look.
  11. I don't really care if people think my purse is a Louis or not.. but I defintley never thought it would be confused with L.A.M.B
  12. I think my first post came across really rude. I wasn't mean to the girl at all!
  13. Maybe she got her LAMB bag and was really excited, if you don't know louis it would be hard to tell what it is, some only know the monogram bags not the damier. I personal think the damier is beautiful, enjoy your bag!
  14. I think I would've been a little ticked off if my LV was confused with a different brand. But like other posters say, maybe she has no clue about the Damier line. Is the LAMB bag really similar to the Ebene pattern? I'm surprised Gwen Stefani would make a bag so similar that it's confused with LV.
  15. I would have just said thank...compliments mean more thn whether or not a sale girl knew what bag you were carrying...she was just trying to be nice and find a common ground with you...common sales strategy...

    And I carry damier simply because i don't really like my bag to scream "I'M A DESIGNER!!!!" (IMHO...not meant to offend those who love monograms :smile:)