I need to vent about work!

  1. :mad: I'm so annoyed with my colleagues!!!!!

    I teach part-time (and stay home with my baby the rest of the time) in a middle school and am very involved in student events at the school. Yesterday, one of my colleagues actually came up to me in the faculty room and said the following, "I can't believe you are still chaperoning school dances and going on field trips with these kids. Don't you have better things to do now that you have a little one at home. Plus, some of us were talking and your involvement in so many clubs and activities is making us look bad. You need to think about your colleagues more."

    I was so shocked and and angry, that I couldn't respond :censor: :rant: !!! First of all, I can't believe she was questioning my parenting considering that my son is my first priority and I am home with him for 18-20 hrs out of a 24 hr day. Secondly, why should I stop supporting and caring about my students just because my colleagues are too selfish to do things for the kids!

    sorry for whining, but i needed to vent!
  2. Your colleague is an a-hole and way, way out of line. She isn't concerned about your child-she is concerned about how bad her lazy butt looks next to you! Too bad for her!

    You keep on doing what you are doing -school kids need more involved teachers-if she looks bad-tough **** on her! You go!
  3. yeah, your colleague is just mad that you make them look LAZY. You sound like a great teacher AND a great mom.

    This person is a total jerk and not worth consideration.
  4. Gosh, what a nasty thing for him/her to say... i can't believe it... I guess they are just jealous.... and don't wanna look bad 'cuz you are such a dedicated teacher...:yes:
  5. Hold your head up high and thanks for all you do for other kids! I am sure your little one will become a great unselfish adult! As for this idiot you work with, this is why my daughters ended up in private schools!
  6. Its jealousy. What a tool. :rant:
  7. Yep. Total jealousy! You must be an awesome teacher if they feel that threatened to say something like that to your face.
  8. I am a teacher and I try to participate as much as possible. Of course, I'm not a mom, and I have more time, but the fact that you give up your own time says a lot about you as a teacher. It's nice for your students to see you involved. The woman who said that to you probably is out of the parking lot before the buses!! Don't listen to anyone. There are so many catty, lazy coworkers out there. Don't pay attention!!
  9. Sometimes the best response is no response at all. Just a sweet smile and turn away. Nothing cuts like a knife more than that.
  10. That's ridiculous, and obviously comes from the fact that they're worried how it makes them look. It sounds like you're doing a great job juggling your responsibilities. Don't let that jerk get to you. People should really think first before opening their big mouths!
  11. I totally agree. That is a terrible thing to say to anyone. Really you are doing them a favor because the more activities you are involved in the less they have to get their lazy butts involved.
  12. i think it's funny

    she's just pissed off that you make them look bad by actually caring about yr students
  13. Oh man. It's one thing for you to be lazy, but don't blame other people just because they're not. What a tool! You're not making her look bad, she is. How did someone like that become a teacher if she isn't interested in the welfare of her students?!
  14. ***hugs***
  15. What an incredibly stupid and insensitive thing for your colleague to say!! :shocked: I think your involvement with and commitment to your students will have a very positive effect on your child as she grows up. You might point out to this idiot that your job is to think about your students, not your colleagues. Or you might just ignore her, of course.