I need to vent a little - re groom pieces!

  1. I know that there are a lot of great sellers on the PFB that are really wonderful. I just did a search on E-bay for groom pieces (for the fun of it - I'm going to my store tomorrow to get my cles - they have lots). However, on e-bay, by in large, most of the sellers are listing these items as sold out and then having like a 100% or more mark-up. They are listing them as impossible to get, rare, etc., etc. - these are readily available at the local boutiques right now, and if you are a little patient are coming up daily on E-Luxury. I don't know - maybe it's just me, but it looks like some of these people have bought them in multiples (same sellers selling lots of the line) and then are being deceptive, telling people they are sold out - and having tremendous mark-ups to take advantage of people that don't know better. i know that's part of E-bay - the profit and all that, but I don't think the little extra money would be worth that piece of mind in my heart, in the deep of night, that I had deceived someone and taken a lot of money from them by lying.

    Is this just me? Does anyone feel the same way? I could see it if it was a discontinued line, or something that was truly hard to get - but this line isn't even close to that yet. If the local boutique doesn't have it - that can get it within days, at regular retail price.

    It just really bothers me somehow. I know capitalism is good and all that - but geez . . . a cles for $349.00 with the statement it is sold out and impossible to get? I just wouldn't be able to live with myself.

    Just my two cents and wondering if anyone else feels the same way? It makes me so distrustful of ebay when I see things like this. It's bad enough all the fakes, but when people who clearly are in the know, go and buy up lots and then lie on-line, it just makes me so sad!
  2. There will always be people who will try to take advantage of any situation. It's kinda like a major sporting event and the ticket scalpers who sell the tickets.
  3. I agree with you it's annoying and disingenuous bit's a free market. And as a consumer in a free market, you have to do your research. If you look at some of the DVDs on ebay, people are selling some titles for £20 when they can be bought from popular online retailers like Amazon for £11. It's not as if they're scare but people can't be bothered to look so more fool them.

    if someone was about to put down $400 dollars on a designer item that is faked all they time, you'd hope they'd do their research. you could call a local stockist, or log on to LV's website. If they cant do that much, well it's their money

  4. Yes it is a shame, and it is also too bad that the people bidding did not take the time to research what they are buying...not to sound mean, but the collection just came out and they are already listing them as "sold out".
  5. It's not right and I feel sorry for the people who rush in and buy something thinking they are getting something that is sold out or no longer available.
    Saying that, people shouldn't just take a sellers word and do a search themselves.
    I always search for even stuff like books before I bid on it. One book was $30 US with five bidders while another seller had the same thing, brand new for $9.90 Buy it now. You just have spend a few seconds looking.
    Maybe the people who pay the highly inflated prices are impulse buyers ( not suggesting that is anyone here) who the price doesnt matter to. If they want the item now and can afford it easily good for them.
  6. I totally know what your saying. Some of the sellers are asking $100 extra and some people who dont go LV will probably pay this :sad:
  7. I agree but some sellers sell the vip version with the P stamped inside, these pieces were on ebay even before the Groom launched. After all it's up to the buyer if they want a limited edition one which is in my opinion stupid because it's the exact same one.

    I agree that it's a pity that US buyers buy on ebay while they can find the same item at the store.

    Maybe those that are buying on ebay are from abroad who knows?
  8. My BIL was actually bidding on a groom before they came out and got an email from a lady overseas who was bidding and wanted to know how high he was going to go because she couldn't buy them in her country. So maybe people like that...it's the only way!
  9. Well, if you lived in southern california like me...Almost all groom pieces are out of stock at nearby LV boutiques. I had to HUNT DOWN my 3 groom pieces and they were all from different locations. All 3 different SA's I spoke to said I was lucky to have found those pieces. So, I don't think it's "deceiving" to say that they are sold out, because with some items, in most cases are currently sold out.
  10. Agreed, its like spending 200 dollars per ticket to see a red sox game in the bleachers when face value is only 27 dollars per ticket. Trust me, that is no lie or exaggeration
  11. I have noticed alot of sellers saying that it was already sold out in their local store which may be true. I went to ours here in Dallas yesterday to get my groom zippy organizer and they were well stocked. They even had plenty of red agendas!!
  12. i really get your point but i don't know anybody who isn't a little scared to buy anything on ebay. yeah, there are plenty of buyers but i don't know anybody who doesn't know that it is buyer beware. this is one of those times when you have to just watch and let everybody do what they think is best for them. some people just don't want to take the time to research or look around.
  13. When I see these people bidding on things above retail that are STILL available... I don't feel sorry for them at all. They need to do their home work. Its their fault.
  14. It's that kind of attitude that makes me leary of e-bay - the last post. I suppose if they don't research it, it's their fault, but that doesn't make it right to take advantage of people. That's like saying if someone gives you back too much change at the store, you should keep it and not say anything because they were too dumb to notice and be more careful. It is a slippery slope morally and it just bothers me. I don't think I could ever feel good in my heart saying - oh good, I got more because they were stupid. That just really doesn't make it right. How do we get so callused we just don't care anymore about other people like that? I would rather give away and item (like an LV wallet I don't use anymore), than take advantage of someone. That someone is ignorant just really doesn't make it right. My heart would hurt.
  15. Yeh i think its totally stupid. I hope the sellers who are overinflating these Groom prices have bought bucket loads of the stuff and noone buys them... then that will teach them to not be so selfish and buy out the entire store so they can just sell them on ebay and increase the price :cursing: