I Need To Talk To Anyone Who Has The Mahina Or Has Seen One!

  1. Hi ladies! I'm popping in from my normal stomping grounds over in the Bal forum. But I am, and I always will be a LV lover as well. The Mahina recently caught my eye, but when I look at the measurements, I think that even the smaller one has to be one huge bag! If any of you are familiar with Bbags, the City size is absolutely the largest I can go. I am a jewelry designer who has been concentrating on making handbag accessories recently, and I also am a book reviewer. Both of these things are done in my home, so I do not need to bring everything and the kitchen sink with me, like I used to when I worked outside the home. Is the smaller Mahina just too big for my needs? It is such a lovely bag! Does anyone have modeling pics or a link to a thread with modeling pics?

    I have seen some gals say they are on the waiting list for this bag, and some of you may know this, but I always call the customer service line instead of going on wait lists. The CS people have access to inventory from their main shipping site, and every store across the country. I have gotten many bags this way without ever being on a waiting list, and sometimes I have gotten a bag the first time I called and sometimes it takes a day or two for them to track one down for me. I have the number if anyone wants to pm me for it. Thanks in advance for Mahina advice!
  2. I have the Mahina XL in noir and I would say it's close to the size of the Bbag Work. It is a gorgeous bag, it does look huge, but that's what's so different and enticing about it. My SA also said it is not made to be loaded with stuff ... just your normal stuff. I carry my pochette wallet, wapity, 2 cles and cosmetique in mine and I absolutely love it! So will you! It's so comfortable to carry on the shoulders and even by the crook of your arm.
  3. Deana, the Mahina is gorgeous! I don't own one but I've seen a few people with one and it's just amazing. The perforation on the gray one is stunning, much nicer then the black because it stands out more. The leather looked very soft. I think it would be a good bag for you because you wouldn't fill it all up otherwise it would proably be very heavy. I personally like large bags but I try not to fill it up because it's very hard on my back & shoulder.
  4. I've seen both the noir and gris Mahina XL and XXL. They are so gorgeous, stunning, and unique. I tried both sizes on and even the "smaller" XL is too huge on me. I'm hoping LV will come out with the L size instead.
  5. i have the mahina XL and it is close to the work size (work is larger in width whereas the mahina is larger in height). i am pretty petite but i always feel comfortable carrying big bags. it is just my style, i guess. once you fill up the mahina, it looks smaller because of the slouchiness. i love this bag and it is really beautiful. i would recommend this bag to anyone.

    the only negative thing about this bag is that it is a bit on the heavy side. i have gotten used to the lightness of b-bags.
  6. :flowers:
    Thank you all very much for your comments, photos, and links. I'm sorry it took so long to thank you, but after I started the thread I had family in from out of town, and I forced myself to stay away from the computer. I am convinced now that I must see the Mahina in real life, and I will be sure to come share photos if I get one. Thanks again, and I wish you and your families a healthy and happy 2008!!
  7. I have them both in XL Noir & XL Gris. The design itself it meant to be BIG, but it's not super huge like luggage size. It's an wonderful bag, do get it if you can get a hold of one, good luck!
  8. Old thread, but new news - the Mahina L size is now scheduled for release this spring
  9. It measures huge, but because it is so slouchy, it doesn't appear huge. I'm not a fan of it, but mainly because I like zipper top closures.
  10. I was told the release of the smaller size would be in May. But I hope it's sooner than later and that the size is not too small.
  11. ^^^ Do you know if it's coming out in other colors besides the noir and gris? I think a smaller version in red (like pomme):heart: and violet:love: would be awesome!
  12. Hi Classic Chic which one do you like better the noir or gris ?
    Thank you for your answer
  13. yes yes, cause i was helping my friend decide and i think she might wait until the L comes out.

    she is trés petite