i need to stop

  1. i think i just need to say this out loud : stop buying so many purses!!! :
    there, maybe i will stop spending so much money! i have to ban myself.
    maybe for 1 month???? i'm gonna try :crybaby:
  2. Oh my, good luck! I know exactly how you feel!! I am trying very hard not to buy anymore bags until after Christmas. It helps if you avoid looking at fellow tPFer's collections!!
  3. I know what you mean!!
    In the past month I've gotten ALL RETAIL
    MJ zip clutch 395
    MJ key pouch/skinny 180
    Coach westie fob 38
    Coach hair scarf 38
    Coach key pouch 58

    and god alone knows what else

    oh yeah and a tiffany necklace and ring.

  4. I'm actually pretty good when it comes to bags, but not accessories!!!!! But I guess since I'm starting out, I want something for each focus of my life. Yeah that sounds good doesn't lol. I'm trying to only get a wristlet this next stock..but actually do need one for when I am walking my dog..
  5. Of course you need a wristlet for when you walk your dog!! One time, I was walking my dog, and I bent over to scoop his poop which I only did because some roller-headed old lady came out of her house and yelled at me even tho the dog had pooped in the gutter, not on her lawn or anything, and my housekey slipped out of my breast pocket (I was wearing scrubs) and I didn't realize it until I got home. So of course I was locked out of my house. It was very inconvenient. If only I had had a wristlet! So by all means, get one! But only one, and nothing else!
  6. I'm trying to ban myself too... good luck to us.
  7. It doesn't really work unless you're preoccupied with something else. I forgot all about bag buying when I went to Hawaii. It's just so relaxing!
  8. well, for at least one month i'll try to buy no bags....i suppose accessories are ok though :banned:
  9. I bought 4 bags in a month! I want to kill myself. I think it's kind of like a disease....I spent all my money on it!!! My God!
  10. The most I ever buy is 2 a month & sometimes I go w/o buying a whole month, but I always get accessories. LOL I'm on a "ban" until after x-mas but we'll see how long that lasts.
  11. I actually haven't bought anything new since the beginning of August... :crybaby:
  12. I know it is so hard!! But, i try to limit myself to one or two a month (i try to buy on ebay)
  13. Oh yeah and two more scarves from outlet, but I am returning one to get another from a friend double the price....
  14. mrs jones we'll start a support group LOL. just the wristlet..just a wristlet..
  15. :true:

    handbag addictions are horrible.

    but it's worse when you see them everyday, or work in a mall :sweatdrop: i just stay in my break room even if it's a fifteen minute break.

    and tiffany's? six boxes and counting..i'm not dropping by there until after christmas.

    or so i tell myself :lol: