I need to stop!

  1. My 2 clients canceled for today, and, of course, I go to Hermes:yes:

    Lo and behold---I saw a black Paris-Bombay bag there! It was a black vache liegee one. I couldn't believe it was just sitting there! Of course, the SA says it was in high demand. It's so perfect! Here's the pic:http://img.makeupalley.com/7/0/7/8/522492.jpeg
  2. OOHHH. That is pretty. Enjoy the bag.
  3. :drinkup: :party: :party: :love: :love:
    What a gorgeous bag!!!! :tender: :tender: :tender:
  4. no you can't stop, we love seeing your pictures!!! LOL

    it's a beauty, this bag is on my list!! congrats!!
  5. That's an absolutely beautiful bag -- congratulations! :smile:
  6. WOW! I really love that! Congratulations!
  7. Holy Cats!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! It's a beauty and I know you'll use it a LOT!!!! Please don't stop....we live vicariously through those who BUY when we can't.......more pics when you get a chance. I'm dying to see how much this size can hold inside......
  8. Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks, all!
    :roflmfao: to yours and diana's comments. I'll definitely post pics when my digicam's battery is recharged:crybaby:
  10. Don't stop! How on earth can I live vicariously through you if you stop?? :P
  11. Beautiful! Congrats!
  12. Only one picture!!!! I need more...I love this bag and it is on my list...I would like to see how much it holds and more shots of the leather please!!!!

    Can you tell me the cost if you don't mind? And what size is it?

    Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  13. woowoo Paris Bombay~~:heart::heart::heart: LOOo:huh::huh:OOooo:huh:Ove!!
  14. What a gorgeous bag!! Enjoy it...love the zipper feature! :yahoo:
  15. OH, a beauty! I love this leather too -- my favorite!!:heart: :heart: