i need to start saving..what do you guys think?

  1. alright..after the past hectic week...i will be interviewing for the top 50 pharmaceutical companies on monday!! expected graduation date will be about a month and a half from now :yahoo:

    yes, i've been inactive in this forum..but im sure u all will be sympathetic with me!! :shame: i've been real busy with phone interviews, thesis writing, experiments..etc!

    ok..i already mentioned that i bought a pretty ugly/professional "branded" bag for the interviews..

    but..i'll eventually need a work bag!

    no documents, no files, no paper..just bits and pieces here and there...i dont want to use my speedy, belem pm, or ribera mini for work..they look too "dressy" for work..

    what can u guys suggest?

    many thanks!!
    damier pls :love: epi for 2nd choice..
  2. Saleya PM.

  3. I second the Seleya! And congrats on the interviews and graduating!
  4. Congrats!! I also like the Saleya idea!
  5. That looks like a fantastic work bag. Can the handles fit over your shoulders?
  6. Personally I like the Sac Plat -- I know its gotten a bad rep but I think its perfect since its slim in profile and fits files nicely.
  7. i would say saleya or the uzes
  8. Sac Plat or Passy GM??
  9. i think a Sac Plat if you don't have lots of stuff

    Selaye is good too, of cause for lots of stuff
  10. Bh?
  11. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. The Damier Sac Plat is SOOOO hot.
  12. I think Saleya MM, Uzes, Passy GM, Segur MM:yes:
  13. Honestly, I think something in the Monogram Glacé line if you could still find one on eBay. Otherwise, a Vivienne MM, Sac Plat, or Passy in the Epi line would be your next best bet :yes:

    Congrats on your future career advancements :yes:
  14. Congrats!! :yahoo: I am for the saleya too .. or the sac plat!
  15. The uzes - this is my most wanted work bag.:nuts: