I need to sell my black Ginger from the sample sale...

  1. I realized I spent too much at the sample sale, and since the black ginger is the least favorite of my 3, I've decided to sell it. I need to sell it ASAP and was thinking I'd just pick a BIN price. What do you guys feel is a fair price? It's brand new, in perfect condition.
  2. Hmmmm, that's a toughie - maybe $100-$175 less than retail?
  3. i TOTALLY understand....I am going to sell my black Sloane. decided it was just not for me. I am also trying to figure out if I should do a BIN or not.
  4. well i just checked out eBay and it looks like in past auctions the only ones that sold over 300 were the chestnut gingers, and one white one

    the black and others only went for 200-250,,,, and there are 2 up there now in current auctions there are 2 black ones one starting at 200 with one bid
    BUT the one starting at $295 has NO BIDS and so i dunno if that means 295 is too high and ppl wont pay that ,,,,

    just wanted to help share those just in case it might help
  5. aww i just wanted to say i'm sry! dont' you hate when that happens???
  6. What did you pay for it P Chick? To get back you rmoney I would probably do sale price plus 50.00. If that doesn't work then relist for saleprice plus 25.00.

    You could wait for awhile. eBay is Unindated with Koobas from sales right now. When there aren't so many to choose from the price should go a little higher.
  7. the gingers were going for $250 at the SS and so to relist +50 would be $300 and i am not sure they are going that high right now cause there were so many

    i think lexie may be right it may be better if you wait till all the ppl who snatched up bags at the SS JUST to sell on eBay, once there arent so many of those,you may be able to get more for your bag :sad:

  8. I look over my pwn post and cringe alot. I have such bad spelling and a tendency to transpose letters ot number. So that Unindated should be Inundated. I think I need to download iespellcheck. Anyone use it?
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about it, Lexie, if we check our posts too much, they lose that impulsive, spur-of-the moment vibe and you don't want that...I hate bad spelling, but have seen myself make some shockers when it's too late to edit..this is not English class and we want to get quick, let-us-have-it responses, not some perfect piece people have laboured over..
  10. Sorry, Providence, that had nothing to do with your post.. since you're in a hurry to recover your money, I agree with the advice to list the bag close to what you've paid (at least you won't be out of pocket), but if you can wait until the dust settles from the sample sales...
  11. Grate Maggie....i am gonna finilly let myselph go n b myselph. It take mee 2 long 2 post whin i have 2 pruff reed. We all hear becuz we luv bags. u dont cair if I am alitterat, i ppromissss 2 git Hooked on Fonix and b better.
  12. Yeah...I want to recover my money pretty quickly. It was actually only 225, not 250. Maybe I'll do 250 plus shipping.
  13. Ooo it was only 225 then yea do 250+shipping and if it doesn't sell drop it down to the price u paid + shipping :smile:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Sounds like a plan :yes: