I need to scream right now *WARNING*


I'm so fickle...
Mar 31, 2006
First, I order the mini bowler in black from Bob Ellis on Dec. 29th. they say shipping will be a little slow b/c of the holiday, sure, I fully expected the bag by Wednesday. Well, Wednesday comes and goes with no bag. OK, maybe shipping is more delayed than I thought, it'll come tomorrow. Well, I get to work yesterday and have a message from a girl "HI, I have your bbag...." WHAT????? Apparently BE's shipping dept. screwed up and she got my bag and who knows where her shoes are. She seems really nice, "I'm just going to send it directly to you, rather than back to BE, yada yada yada." She says she'll call me again tomorrow night with a tracking number. OK, fine I think, I'll have the bag on Friday. NOW, I get into work today and have a message from her SHE DIDN'T SEND MY BAG OUT YESTERDAY!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: Now I'm e-ffing :censor: :censor: furious at this point, and I'm not sure if it's her or BE that I'm madder at. She mentioned something about not having anything to ship yesterday, and getting some packing tape, etc... So I'm not even convinced she's going to send it out today.

What would you do? I really want to call BE and have them give their fedex number to this girl and have her overnight it for a Saturday delivery at this point.

Thanks for listening to me, I'm just soooooo furious right now. I'm wondering if this is God's way of telling me I shouldn't have th is bag and it's doomed!:death:
Oct 30, 2006
I would call BE. I think given the fact that she called you and told you, she will send it to you. She probably just doesn't understand the urgency we B-baggers feel to get our new bags. Maybe if you call BE, they will give you a little something-something for your inconvenience. I would sure try.


Mar 10, 2006
You absolutely need to call BE. They need to be more diligent in getting the correct addresses, etc. I always make it a habit of calling later in the day or the next morning and insisting on a tracking number. I also make them read me the address where they shipped it. Bal NY used to send my bags with the wrong zip.
Nov 24, 2006
I wouldn't be upset with her. After all, she's missing her shoes! But you can call her and if she hasn't sent it yet, tell her just to hold onto it and you'll get BE to send FedEx to pick it up with a box and label.

Then call BE, tell them what happened and tell them you expect them to send FedEx to pick it up TODAY and give you Saturday overnight!!!!!!

That way you'll have it tomorrow.


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
She doesn't sound like she's in that much of a rush to send it to you...

I would call BE right away - THEY need to courier it to you as it was THEIR mistake. And they better kiss your butt to boot for all the trouble...


I'm so fickle...
Mar 31, 2006
well, I just got off the phone with Bruce and he didn't even know anything about the :censor: up. He seemed a lot more concerned than the dumbwad yesterday. He was curious how I even found this out, and I told him the girl called me and he goes "interesting". I asked for my bag tomorrow and he said he will try to do that, and is calling her right now. I feel better now that he is involved, but I'm still concerned with this whole situation.


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
You did the right thing in calling them because now, they know about the screw-up.

What should happen, is that they should:
  1. Have the parcel picked up from the gal who called you
  2. Send out the parcel to you (which means that they have to pay for the shipping again ... "cost of doing business")
I would NOT feel comfortable having someone else who mistakenly got my package to send it directly to me. What if the bag gets damaged or stolen during transit??? Bob Ellis would say "well, it's the shipper's problem ..." and you better bet, she probably wouldn't pay for it ... why should she?

Let Bob Ellis deal with it ... ultimately, it's THEIR PROBLEM!!