I need to return my bag to BG!


May 18, 2007
I actually bought a chanel jumbo at Bloomies boston IN PERSON and there was no tissue wrapping, the chains are not tucked inside the bag and the SA just shoved the bag into the dustbag and put it in the "medium brown bag" w/o box! when I return (after shoe shopping just 10 meters away) I was furious! I asked for the proper wrapping and box and she was very very apologetic.

I would be very upset too... i need my bag to wrapped properly.


Jan 3, 2007
Los Angeles California
I've bought 4 bags at NM - BH from the same SA. Two of the bags she pulled brand new stock and both of them were wrapped in tissue paper sitting on the sleeper bag. The other two had been 'presented' to clients so she put them in their sleeper then wrapped in tissue. all of them came with boxes but the last two didn't come in their original boxes.

I think presentation for the moment you first open it is so important!


May 29, 2007
There is no way the SA's pack the bags for shipping. The department stores have a separate staff to do all of that. I ask my SA to make sure I get the Chanel box when I have things shipped , other wise the shipping staff just puts it in any box it will fit in.