I need to return my bag to BG!

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  1. I bought a white exp flap from BG and it arrived yesterday.

    1. it didn't come in with original box.
    2. the bag wasn't wrapped in tissue paper and was put into the dust bag.

    I was not feeling right when I saw it ... but didn't think too much about it.

    TODAY.. after using for 1hour... the CHAIN BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:

    well, even the SA has promised a full refund, including shipping cost... now, I can't find another one... I think they're pretty much sold out....

    WILL you....
    1. keep this and have it fixed in the local chanel store?
    2. return it.. and get another color( blk perhaps?)

  2. Wow I am shocked!!! From a Chanel!?!?!

    Hmm .... I don't know ... I think I would keep it and have it fixed under the warranty if they are willing to knock of 10% of the price for selling me a defect and waive the shipping cost.
  3. 1. usually the bigger chanel bags don't come with boxes, unless you ask for one of their gift boxes.
    2. my bags never come wrapped in tissue paper and then put into the dustbag. it's just in the dustbag and there is tissue paper INSIDE the bag to keep the shape.

    however, if the chain broke, then i would return it. i'm sure you'll find another one somewhere else.
  4. Sorry this happen to you... white exp. flap is actually something I would like to have...

    Have you check somewhere else? During the pre-sale last week, I remember I saw a White Exp. Flap in NM, Troy, Michigan Chanel counter...

    Maybe you can return this one for full refund and buy it from somewhere else... and sometimes you dont' have to pay tax if you don't have a Saks licensed in your state..

    Call and Check with Lisa 248-635-8442..
    Even if they sold that, she might be able to track down one for you... she is super nice...=)

    Good Luck!
  5. i would return it...
    I think you can still find another one, well im not sure..
  6. All of my bags have come w/boxes, even my huge white modern chain e/w tote that was sent w/in a ginormous white box.

    As for the broken chain, I'd return it. 2395.00 is WAY too much money for the chain to break after an hour! The boutiques re-ordered the exp flap in white, red, and black, *but* the price will be 2695.00!:wtf:

    G'luck w/your search! I totally agree /brtracy! Call Lisa Hamlin, she's the sweetest and if the bag is available she WILL find it!

  7. will they do that? waive 10% ?
    if that's the case, I could probably have it fixed locally.

    because shipping is quite costly since i don't live in the States.:wtf:
  8. ^^I highly doubt they will take 10% off. They will fix it for free. Hopefully you can find another one or have another SA check around.

    All my Chanels that have been sent to me have come with a box and all have been wrapped in tissue inside the dustbag.
  9. Sorry for what happened to you. I would definitely return it and call elsewhere to locate another one. I think you might still be able to get it if you keep an eye on it.

    I really don't like the feeling of using a "defected" bag when I paid $2395+! No matter how I'm in love with it, I would for sure return it! Let CHANEL pay for return shipping as well!

    I want the bag last forever, especially it is a CHANEL!:yes:
  10. Oh...and not all my CHANEL come with wrapped tissue inside the dustbag. Most bags from boutiques do so but not dept. stores.
  11. I totally agree with you all, perhaps returning the bag is the only way.

    I've just called the Saks, they still have it:yahoo:... but I have to wait another week for it to arrive!!!!:tdown:

    I bought Chanel all over the world and this is the only time I saw a bag with tissue wrapping! ( I mean no tissue inside the bag too) . The wrapping is too sloppy... and I don't feel like I was recieving a $2400 bag.

    Yes, you're right... I'm gonna ask them for my return shipping too!!!!!

    thanks you , guys!
    you guys are definately The Chanel Expert! hee hee
  12. Does anyone know when you buy a bag on the phone from either BG, Saks, or Neimans, from the Chanel department (not the customer service people at the store's 800 number) whether the SA actually prepares it with tissue and proper box and then sends it to the shipping department for further outer box shipping, or does the SA just take the handbag, toss it in a shopping bag or something and then the shipping department does the inside packing/stuffing, wrapping etc?
    I'm really curious because sometimes I've received bags from Saks and Neimans that might have been perfect before they were sent, but arrive smushed into boxes that are way too small for them. I could maybe understand that the people in shipping might not have a clue that the bags are costly, but certainly the SAs know and should do everything so that the customer won't return it and they won't lose their commission.
  13. ^mine that have been shipped from NM have been IMMACULATE.
    Mine have been stuffed perfectly, then put in their original box, and then put into a bigger box that was padded w/ adequate stuffing.
    If we have different experiences, my guess is the SA does it.
  14. I actually bought a chanel jumbo at Bloomies boston IN PERSON and there was no tissue wrapping, the chains are not tucked inside the bag and the SA just shoved the bag into the dustbag and put it in the "medium brown bag" w/o box! when I return (after shoe shopping just 10 meters away) I was furious! I asked for the proper wrapping and box and she was very very apologetic.
  15. OMG Im sorry this happened to you!! Ihope you get it replaced fast!