I Need To Rant ~ The Post Office

  1. I've spent most of my afternoon trying to track down a package shipped expressed to me through the US Post Office. :censor::censor: People who are employed in Civil Service jobs virtually have to commit murder before they're fired. Our post woman knows no matter how much she lies about packages she was suppose to bring to the door, but chose not to, there will be no repercussions. :censor::censor:

    How many of you would keep an employee who is incompetent and shows total disregard to your clients? How long would you be in business if you employed inept people?

    I'm sure there are some conscientious employees at the post office, but IMO not enough. :mad::mad:
  2. You're completely entitled to be upset. Nevertheless, I've never once had a problem with the USPS! I'm sure there's incompetent people everywhere though, I truly hope you get this situation sorted out soon, I know how stressing such a thing can be.

    I once thought they'd lost a package I was expecting, but turns out I was just not quite paying attention and it was held up at the office all along lol.
  3. I know how you feel! I'm also mad at my post office. I've been waiting for 3 small packages to be delivered (actually they're padded envelopes). I email the people I bought from & they all send me back tracking numbers. I check them and they were all delivered. Problem is I never got them! They were delivered in the morning when I was home & the 3 dogs in my house would've barked when they heard someone come on the front porch. I also received someones check that doesn't live anywhere near me. Anyway, I call the post office & speak to the supervisor. He tells me "You're packages probably got delivered to the wrong house because you have a new mailman so he doesn't know the houses yet. You just have to deal with it until he knows everyone. Nothing I can do about it". I couldn't believe it :cursing: What is going on with the post offices?? :mad:I am a Civil Service employee & I must admit that you're correct about virtually committing murder before getting fired. I see people lying, stealing, not doing their work ALL the time in my building & they get away with it!!
  4. "I'm sure there's incompetent people everywhere though,"

    Yes, but incompetent people can be fired, not so with Civil Service jobs. As I said you have to commit murder before they decided you might be undesirable to work there. ;)
  5. Don't worry the UK is current going through it's 4th (?) postal strike we have had no post since about thursday last week until it ends tomorrow and today it's been announced they will strike again next week.
  6. Meh.

    I've had no problems with USPS... overall, i think their track record is better than most private delivery services...and cheaper, too..esp out in HI.

    I give props to most of them, for the ignorants they have to deal with come in with bad attitudes & preformed negative assumptions.
  7. My sis had an angry postal worker threaten her last week. He was pulling into traffic and almost sideswiped her. She honked her horn as a warning, he got out of this mail truck and tried to open her door. He kept saying he was going to kill her.

    ... And this guy delivers mail? Good thing her new car didn't have plates on it yet. What a whacko.
  8. I know how you feel. I have the same frustration every time I go to my local post office. The employees at my post office couldn't move slower if they tried.
  9. I hate it when nobodys home to receive the package and they don't leave a notice saying that they attempted but nobody was hopef or the delivery.

    So HOw the heck am I supposed to know! Sometimes they never tell me until the package is sent back to the sender. It makes me so angry!!
  10. i guess i am biased positively towards the USPS... i can only think of one experience of lost mail... and when i go to the post office, the line employees are if not pleasant, then are definitly not rude at all.

    But then, my brother is a postal carrier & he's had to deal with his own share of aggressive dogs, creepy people, angry people, stupid people, yucky weather... having to use his own vehicle sometimes to deliver mail, and people who get offended that he doesn't have time "chat" and "be friendly" bc he's got TONS of mail he has to deliver/pick up in a certain amount of time at a certain time....

    if you're expecting mail, make sure whoever is sending it gets delivery tracking/confirmation. that way you can check it online yourself.
  11. I've had pretty decent luck with the post office lately- but I know what you mean about the Civil Service. I've been through a terrible fight with the office of parking violations. Paid a ticket the DAY I got it. They claimed they didnt get the check. I offered proof it was delivered. They say too bad. I fight and they tell me they'll let me pay the regular price without the late fee. I pay. They refer me to collections. They say they never got it. I say they CASHED THE CHECK. They say no. Collections keeps calling. ugh.
  12. Being in Indonesia, we have such a poor postal system you wouldn't believe it. Everything needs to be send thru EMS if you want to receive your package. Sending out is still ok, but receiving is BS! I once lost a couple of college texts being sent to me using airmail from my uni in Aussie. Thank god my school replaced them, otherwise I'm out some serious $$ :cursing: