i need to pick something..

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  1. for my brother's bday..he was sweet enough to give me my first LV ever - a damier bifold so i wanna get him something nice..

    i will be dropping by beverly center this friday and will pick up something for him (hopefully) when i get my belem pm!!!!!! (:yahoo:) the thing is..i think i've overspent recently and would like to keep the price down to a minimum...

    i'm thinking of something along the lines of a card holder..what do u guys think?

    (i do have the damier pocket organizer that i haven't used yet :graucho:)

    thanks y'all! :P
  2. Card holder is great..I think he will love it..
    You are getting Belem PM?? I love that bag..very unique shape, the handles aren't that long..love the opening, 2 side open pockets....Gorgeous..gorgeous bag..
  3. or you can give him pocket organizer..very sweet of you..
  4. The credit card organizer is nice, and it's only $125...... How much are you planning to spend, if you don't mind?
  5. something between $150-200? (what a nice sister!)

    i dunno whether i want to part with my pocket organizer but i dunno whether im going to use it at all haha
  6. yes! the belem pm!! i'm returning my mini lin bucket..

  7. You will love it..
  8. how about a damier key holder?
  9. he doesn't use key holders..
  10. The Damier card holder looks fine...unless he likes monogram. You're such a sweet sis:tender: Post pics of your Belem when you get it:graucho: :flowers:
  11. i'm stuck between epi and damier...!

    i surely will post pics!!
  12. For $200.00 you can get the Taiga Card Holder. It comes in Ardoise (slate grey) and Grizzli (brown). I get these as gifts for male recipeients and they love it!
  13. somehow i feel that epi looks better than taiga?...as for taiga..do guys like black or brown?
  14. I agree that Epi looks better but the Taiga is more discrete. I usually buy items in Ardoise for younger and Grizzli for older recipients.
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