I need to MATTIFY!

  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to Mattify my leather purse, it's just TOO shiny for me, maybe it'd work with some people, but I'm not a shiny kind of person.

    I was looking here: LeatherStuff.com | Leather Wallets & Handbags but I can't figure out what appleguarde to buy. Does anyone know what it's called? Or which would be best for mattifying?
  2. i don't know with apple, i use LMB to mattify a bag, i.e. the moisturizer!!!

    it works great!! and if you want a little more shine back, shine restore.

    I use APPLE to PROTECT my light colored backs from turning (the repellant spray)

    But LMB works great for matte!!! IMO:heart:
  3. Where can I buy LMB products?

    And thanks so much for your quick reply!!!

  4. spell: " Lovinmybags" on internet and will be able to go straight to site, barbara is GREAT to work with!!!

    Order the moisturizer for BALENCIAGA bags. PM me if you have any problems!!
  5. i used apple conditioner for shiny bags.
  6. LMB Moisturizer is the best for this...