I need to make a list!

  1. Ok I never thought I could be running out of LVs that I want but ... Its been hinted at that I might be getting one as a gift and my parents want me to make a list of about 8 that I like (not overly expensive, they'd chose one) I'm having troubles doing this :weird: (I'm shocked)

    So far I've got:

    White MC Wapity
    Black Epi Pochette
    Damier Papillon 26
    Mandarin or Red Epi Compact Wallet
    Mono Speedy 25

    Any suggestions!? Please? :worried:

    Thanks, Natalie
  2. what's the price range? and what do you already have?
  3. multicolor speedy 30 in white.
  4. I already have a mono pochette, and for price I wouldnt like to go more than 600$
  5. I love :love: my Damier Salsa.... It is not like any of the bags you already have, and not overly expensive at $650.... Pic from eLux:
  6. How about a Koala or Porte Tresor wallet.
  7. The Mono Speedy!...Definitely!
  8. MC Shirley
    Damier Speedy
    Damier mini ribera
  9. mono speedy or mc pochette
  10. Framboise Lexington
  11. to add 3 more to your list already ..

    1. MC pochette
    2. damier speedy
    3. a few small items? like a scarf + a wallet?
  12. Roxbury Drive Vernis . It's very elegant. $805. 12.5 x 8 x 12. Nice size, great price.
    Good for both evening or smart casual. I haven't seen that many replica for this one yet.
  13. Natalie ~ That Is So Sweet......I Think You Have Some Great Options!!!
  14. ekekek, i totally love everything on your list!!!! i cant decide which one to get first... maybe the pochette or the speedy... i dunno
  15. Damier Speedy or that Perfo pouchette. Its super cute w/ that little lock.
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