I need to make a decision now!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!


Jan 10, 2006
If you had to pick one out off all these which one would it be?
the chanel will be in the beige/tan color
the bottega will be in a chocolate brown.
please help thanks!!


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I want something practical as you can tell what i want is very easy to carry maybe with the exception of the spy but i just think the spy i so nice. i want a bag that i can carry to work and look good when i'm out.
my vote is for either the spy or the bottega. the spy is just so gorgeous but i haven't had a chance to see in IRL but oooh when i felt the leather of a bottega...it was love!
I'm totally biased since I just bought the BV ball purse in dark orange tonight. I LOVE the shape of the ball bag and chocolate brown would be very pretty... Don't know who you were going to buy it through, but Saks.com has a 10% off coupon going right now--"SHOPJAN" is the code. You'd have to miss out on their current free shipping coupon, but you'd save more with the 10% off.

I'm not so into LV and I think the Channel could look at little dated--but that's just my opinon. Spy's a little too trendy for me. You should think about what kind of purse you want. Do you want a:
1) trendy purse?
2) basic purse?
3) classic purse?
I'm in vancouver Canada so if i was to buy the bottea it will be in town and its $2600cdn. I'm trying to figure out if i'll be cheaper for me to order it through saks then pay for all the customs and duty......
i think i want a bag thats not too trendy but not too dated either a classic would be nice....... i donno its just whatever that catches my eyes. I think i might stay away from LV since every 12 year old girl to 80 year old grandma has a "fake" one. I feel the same way about the Chanel Ligne cambon line aswell although i do have one tote.
so i guessed i've narrowed it down to the BV or spy?


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Ok, then the next thing I always consider is shoulder purse vs. handbag. Can the Spy be carried on the shoulder? I try not to buy purses that I have to carry in my hand or on my arm. I'm just a shoulder purse person.
I have both. If you want a bag forever, go for the BV, it will age beautifully and will always be classic. However it is not as dressy as the spy which is very HOT dressed up. If it is a bag that you saved up for , for a long time and will not be getting more soon that is as expensive, if you catch my drift....;most definatly, go for BOTTEGA VENETA! If I had to choose one or the other, I would hands down go for that investment over the Fendi.
I mostly wear casual wear! It's hot! check out my spy hobo! Looks like this but higher up! Look how the Ball bag falls. More casual in general!


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