I need to make a choice quick!

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  1. I am trying to choose between the jumbo or m/l classic flap before the price increase. I am planning on ordering it from Hirshleifer's to secure the price. I want an everyday bag that can be either casual or a little dressy. I am about 5' 8" and I don't carry a lot of stuff, but I want to have the option if necessary. I was planning on getting the m/l but my husband keeps telling me it looks a little too small, and now I am wondering if that might be true. I think maybe I should go with the jumbo now. My main concern is to get something that is classic and that will never go out of style. What do you all think? Thanks for your input!
  2. i am 5"4.5" and i wear XS-S.. i find the jumbo too big for me

    i have a colleague who is 5"7".. the jumbo looks fine on her

    I think a jumbo will be ok for u.. BUT a medium looks more classy.. jumbo is not as versatile.. it's too bit for evenings..

    But having said that, a medium is too small for day use.. It's big enough only for a wallet, a compact, lipstick, keys and mobile.. I usually carry more makeup that that!

    What's Hirshleifer by the way..

    i probably live in a different part of the world from you.. so am clueless
  3. Hmm I find both M/L and Jumbo equally classic, but would vote for the Jumbo for you cos you're taller, and it sounds like it'd look really nice on you. Also, it's a more practical everyday bag!
  4. I agree, I think that the jumbo for your height would be more proportional.
  5. jumbo! i love the way it looks and it will look especially nice on you since you are so tall :smile:
  6. Hirshleifer is a department store in New York, if you don't live in New York it is a good place to but Chanel because you avoid sales tax.

    I agree, that the M/l is a bit more classic and more dressy, but maybe not as practical for everyday use. I really wish they had something in the middle of the two! Do you think the jumbo will continue to be a classic decades from now? I think in terms of the size the jumbo might be better, but I also want to make sure it is a bag that I will love and enjoy years from now.
  7. Seems like everyone is in favor of the jumbo! Thanks for all your input!
  8. Yes, I think the Jumbo is timeless and classic, and will continue to be years from now. The vintage Jumbos and Jumbo XLs from previous decades are still extremely coveted and relevant today, and I think the Jumbo will follow this trend.
  9. Yes, it seems like the jumbo is a very desirable bag and has been around for a while. I suppose it will continue to be a classic. I was just afraid that there is a trend towards bigger bags, and I was wondering if this is something that will continue.

    Does anyone want to make a case for the m/l flap? I get the feeling that in general the jumbo is a more popular bag overall.

    I appreciate all your help! I am hopping to put an order in tomorrow for one of the two.
  10. #10 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I prefer the medium because the bag looks more proportional on its own, and on most people. That being said, my medium flaps don't hold that much so a jumbo would be a much better fit for an everyday bag. I'm used to carrying my credit cards, phone, tissue, a pen, camera and some makeup -- I'm petite and absolutely love small bags -- so the medium works for me.

    If you're petite, I recommend trying on the jumbo before dishing out the cash for it. I've seen jumbos on skinny girls and it looked awful... Totally overwhelmed their frame.

    Anyway, see this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/the-classic-flap-bag-medium-or-the-jumbo-239676.html There are a few more threads lying around, you can do a search in the future. :smile:
  11. I love jumbo too!! :biggrin:
  12. trust the second opinion.. if ur hubby thinks the medium is too small on u, perhaps it is..

    buy what u are really comfortable with now..

    even if u want a medium subsequently; u can always get it then (tho the price would have gone up)
  13. i luv both! but get the more increase-affected bag 1st -- jumbo :yes:
  14. ^love the economic take on this! ;)
  15. I think the problem is that they are all so tempting!

    I currently have some dressy satin clutches which I use for weddings and really dressy events. I also have the Serf Tote which I use if I need to carry a lot of stuff. I love my tote, but sometimes I wish I had my hands free if I am going to be out for a while carrying it around. I want a bag on a strap to use for everyday things and perhaps as a semi-dressy accessory.

    I looked at some of the other threads about the m/l vs. jumbo and also any pictures available comparing the two. It seems like most people are in favor of the jumbo, especially if you are taller. Since I am tall I am thinking the jumbo might be more in proportion than the medium.
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