I need to lose 30#'s in 6 months

  1. We are going to go on a vacation with a group of friends next year and I have a little more than 6 months to whip this body into shape and that means I HAVE to lose at least 30 #'s. I am 5'4" and weigh 159-162 depending on the day. This is the heaviest I have ever been and it is all my fault. I have not been watching what I eat or drink, and have quit exercising at all really. So I would like some help and suggestions as to what I can do to jump start this. I might also add that I am about to turn 42 so I know it has alot to do with my age as I haven't changed my eating habits at all and I used to be so thin. I am sure it is my metabolism and lack of exercise that are contributing factors as well as alot of beer consumption (About 6 on an average week). I didn't used to drink beer so an alternative would be good as well.

    I don't eat much junk food at all, I am not a chocolate eater, don't like most sweets. I do eat meat and sorry won't give that up. I sit at a desk all day. I have started walking in the parking garage on my lunch hour and have started taking the stairs to the office and can continue to do so as long as I have key. I have also started taking Relacore but can't see this doing anything for me. I have a muffun top and saddle bags :crybaby:so any suggestions and ideas I am totally open to trying anything. Oh and I do try to drink plenty of water daily and I only drink 1 pop a day and that is not even every day.

    I did check one the sights listed in one of threads here and I am supposed to eat a 1200 calorie diet to start any good ideas on what that can consist of would be appreciated as well. Thank you all for any info you have.
  2. It's doable. I lost 30 pds a yr & 1/2 ago within about 4-5 mos or so but it was difficult. I exercised a LOT - like 2xs a day - gym @ lunch & running/walking after work. I also changed the way I ate. Eliminated soda completely & stuck to mostly high fiber low or no fat food. I still ate meats - I have to have meat! I also reduced my portion sizes & forced myself to eat breakfast even when I didn't want it. I also was weighing myself constantly & basically was an obsessed person ( not recommending - I really was obsessed ). I did not count calories or do any specific diet. It was common sense grocery shopping really & portion control with exercise galore. I found once you started to see progress it was motivating.
  3. Thats exactly what I am looking for a jump as know once I start seeing results I can keep it up or even ramp it up even more. I will definately knock all pop out very doable as I am not hooked anymore. I forgot to add I am hooked on ice tea, I drink it all day and night. Not sure that is a good thing.

    What kind of exercises did you do? I have dvd's and I have a ball and I have hand weights to work with.
  4. The walking thing you started doing is great, a really slow jog or walking uphill will help burn more calories and keep you aerobic so you can burn fat most effectively. You do need some anaerobic exercise in there somewhere to change it up for your body and help keep you on edge. Also maybe try pilates to strengthen your core up and then when you are burning the fat off you will feel taller and longer. It does work!

    As for eating, comprise the 1200 calories of lean meats as much as possible (fish, chicken etc), veggies, and whole grains. Fish, brown rice and steamed broccoli is a staple for this diet. If you like to cook, play around a bit with different ways to prepare these items so you don't get bored. Otherwise it sounds like you're doing everything appropriately.
    Also try to eat smaller meals, more often (5-6 per day instead of 3). Eat your most in the morning and at lunch, taper off towards dinner but eat well-balanced.

    Good luck and I bet you will look fab on vacation!
  5. I did a LOT of cardio (elliptical or treadmill or a class @ the gym) & the machines for every muscle group. Small free weight exercises at home & running/walking outside or on the treadmill. I did a lot of walking with the little hand weights.
    Once you start it gets easier but still work. I was an exercise maniac making sure to do something every single day. It really was addictive.
  6. First off, stop taking the OTC diet pills. Next, get moving somehow even if its just walking a little bit each day. Do you have a dog? Take walks with it. Any movement is better than none. Is there a gym you can join like Curves where they have a half hour workout? My friend goes there and she loves it. Cut back on white foods like sugar and flour, bread and pasta. Try to eat more fish and less red meat. Drink lots of water. Good luck to you.
  7. You can also do toning excercise at your desk... flexing your legs, thighs, etc. Put a sticky note on your computer monitor or someplace you'll see it constantly to remind you.
  8. Good luck to you......
    Here's a website that is so informative and helpful, not only to give you an idea of how many calories to shoot for, but what foods to eat and how to exercise.
    You need to dedicate some time upfront to input info, etc. - BUT it's well worth it. It can change your life!!!!

    Like kbell mentioned, she managed her weight loss by a combination of consuming less and exercising more.

    The formula is pretty basic:
    Average, inactive woman burns approx. 1500 calories a day.
    In order to lose weight, you need to consume less than 1500 OR exercise like MAD!
    Best to do a combination of both for not only your health, but fitness.

    Yes, you've hit the magic number of 40....when your metabolism "s l o w s" down and you really cannot consume as much calories as when you were younger without weight gain.

    Drink only water...ditch the iced tea/soda and try to cut back on the beer. LOTS of calories in Beer. Eat smaller portions....you will be hungry at first, but keep steady.
    More fruits/vegetables/whole grains/....cut down "empty" foods like pasta/breads/that don't provide any nutrition AND keep the proteins (meat, cheese) - but in moderation.
    Think of things in the long term....it's not a diet...it's a lifestyle change.
    Good luck and we're all rooting for you!
  9. I would try weightwatchers.com the have an online program that works great!
  10. And the good news is, you can comfortably lose 30 pounds in 6 months... that's what... 5 pounds a month. It's TOTALLY doable!
  11. you can do it~!~~
  12. dcblam, thanks for the web-site, I will check it out this morning. Thanks everyone for you words of encouragement. I know once I get going and see progress I will be even more pumped. I had the day off yesterday because of weather, and I did go through a whole exercise dvd so I am a little sore today :cursing:, but feel good!!

    Speedy love the idea of a sticky on my computer will do that now.
  13. Sparkpeople is very helpful! I'm starting back up. It makes you really look at what you eat. You can also track your exercise to see approximately how many calories you are burning.

    Just make sure you stay healthy and don't overdo it. You'll only end up gaining back the weight later if you do it that way. It's gotta be a lifestyle change. And you have to be able to forgive yourself. If you make a mistake, oh well! Just get back on track. That's no reason to punish yourself, or worse, to blow your whole diet.

  14. kewl....hope you find the website helpful. I'm rooting for you....remember, it's not a sprint - it's a long distance marathon that will hopefully change your lifestyle forever! Just keep focus - as wordbox mentioned - you may have some bad days, but shrug them off and just move ahead!!!!
  15. Hi,

    I lost 30 pounds in 3months. It was changing my way of eating.Plus of course exercising. I took out the sodas and juices ( too high in sugar) drink water instead. Then I reduced my carb intake to half ( not all at once) but did eliminated white rice which really i consumed daily. I did away with most snacks and ate more healthy alternatives. I start to walk at first-- less than one mile and i was puffing away-- then slowly i increased it to running and eachtwo to three days added more-- now I have been running 5 miles outside all at once like twice a week. It was not easy at all but gradual steps. I added two exercise classes_ zumba which is like dancing aerobics but it is so much fun and then a muscle toning class to help strengthen my muscles. At night I do crunches about 250 of them to tone my stomach.

    So i was obese like my doctor told me 5 4 weighing 190 now i weigh 160 and i stillhave another 30 pounds to go-- however my goal when i started was to lose 5 pounds a month so now my goal is still the same 15 pounds 3 months which seems more feasible and manageable.

    My suggestion is exercise and cut down on your intake---I did and feel great!!! Good luck