I need to let off steam!

  1. :mad: I sold a handbag on eBay 3 weeks ago for over £800 and tonight as i was searching for a new bag that might catch my eye i see MY picture that i used to sell MY bag and to make matters worse the seller had used my description word for word . There was only 45 minutes left on the auction when i spotted it but i still reported to eBay . I think the seller was using my original pictures to sell a replica . What do you think? has anyone else had this happen?
  2. Report it and eBay will pull it! It's totally annoying, but just let ebay handle it. :yes:
  3. Send all information to eBay.
    And make sure you watermark all your pictures from here on out!

    Sorry this happened to you!
  4. yes, it happens A LOT unfortunately.

  5. They may not have liked it or might have thought they could make more $$$ on it. Either way, they should have written their own text & taken their own photos (or asked u if it was ok)... You could do an ASQ and "call them" on it. I have done that. Did they actually download your photos or did they link to your picture album? If they linked to your photo acct, remove your photos.
  6. They downloaded my main picture i believe. However i have had some progress as i have received an apology from the seller saying "it will not happen again" Thankyou for the support on this i will watermark everything from now on :yes:
  7. Watermarking is no guarantee either. Just last week somebody stole my watermarked pictures for his auction. The only way to deal with this is: Report the auction to ebay!
  8. They used your watermarked pictures:wtf: with your username for their autions? Is there no way of protecting our pictures so when someone clicks to save the picture it is not possible?
  9. You can right click protect your auction, but there are ways around that as well. However, if you watermark and right click disable maybe they'll just move on to someone else's pictures/text to steal.:shrugs:
  10. Thankyou i will try the right clickand watermark and fingers crossed it won't happen to me again
  11. True, its no gurantee; however, when/if it comes down to your word against their word, having your ebay ID watermarked on the picture will help!:yes:
  12. Ebay have meassaged me and could clearly see they were my photos from 3 weeks ago. Ebay have said they have taken relevant action although how i do not know because the auction already finished .
  13. 'Relevant action' usually means 'no action'. :confused1:
  14. So sorry that happened to you. That is just WRONG!

  15. I agree as Ebay could take no action as the auction had finished. The bag i sold was purchased for £850 this seller who stole my pictures had the auction strating at £450 ..i believe he used my pictures to try and sell a fake bag but luckily there were no bids on his auction . My auction had alot of interest so i think anybody who had seen my handbag and then the same pictures would realise what had taken place .