I need to learn to drive!

  1. I never really needed to learn to drive because I always had someone who was willing to take me places. But my BF's sister who's two years younger than me just got her license and it's making me feel pathetic that I can't drive. I'm going to take driving lessons over the summer but I'm deathly afraid of being behind the wheel. I start sweating and can feel my heart beating in my throat :sweatdrop: Do any of you drivers out there have any advice or comforting words? I feel like I'm going to be the world's worst driver :sad:
  2. Don't worry! You'll do just fine. Just make sure to take lessons from the professional instructor.
  3. ^ITA! Before I started driving I was really worried that I wouldn't get the hang of it too. Just keep on practicing and it'll come naturally.
  4. Don't worry, I used to feel the same way when I started driving, but you'll get used to it!!!
  5. I know just how you feel. I only just passed my written exam this past tuesday. I wouldn't even have considered doing so though if my younger brother hadn't decided to learn. I just could not have my younger brother learn how to drive before I did.
  6. I didn't get my license until I was 19 because I was so scared. But I practiced a lot at night when it wasn't busy. But make sure its not down a residential street or anything where someone can just pop out. And in the beginning I always had someone in the car to help me with lane switching...I know pathetic, but it helped me in some weird way. Just take it slow and don't be to hard on yourself. Go at your own pace.
  7. Don't worry. Just take things slow and go at your own pace. Is there any specific reason why you're afraid??
  8. once u learn, it will be a piece of cake! don't worry!

    ..but then..just noticed ur from NY...the traffic there is so much different to other places!
  9. Oh it's easy! Actually, I felt excited and not scared on my first driving lessons! And better learn Manual Transmission better than Automatic because it's an advantage!
  10. dont worry. a car is just a like a washing machine until you accelerate, thats what my dad used to tell me. it only does what you want.
  11. Didn't get my license until 24--used to have bad dreams about driving before that. I was scared to death..not really sure why. My advice is to start in a deserted (or as deserted as you can get) area and go at your own pace--and don't start with a stickshift like I did! Good luck and you can do it!:yes:
  12. You'll be fine! I think it's better to have a healthy respect of cars & their power rather than thinking nothing bad can happen to you.

    I took driving lessons when I first got my license, and it definitely was a good way to get started-way less nerve wracking than having a friend or family member teach you (ugh, my mom would scream anytime I went over 15 mph!)

    Good luck!
  13. Best thing to do it is just do it, the more you drive, the more comfortable you'll be
  14. The first few days on the road is very nerve racking, but after that you'll be cruising!! :biggrin:
  15. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel. Before I got my license my dad would take me to empty parking lots and less-than-busy residiential areas, or around the mall so I could practice turns, lane changes, etc. And even after you get your license, the more places you go you'll get into the groove.

    For relaxation before your driving lessons, you might want to try just things like saying affirmations to yourself like "it's going to be okay" or deep breathing or even aromatherapy. I'm sure once you get going you'll be okay. Good luck!