I need to know!!

  1. Most of prices in current prices thread are for bags.. I need to know how much the various agendas are..with the necessary refills ( date book, address book)...I want one without the zipper with 2 pins preferably. Does the 2 pin come in various sizes and if so, what sizes? I noticed one of them has space for a pen and one doesn't. Can you tell me what they are called? I know a lot of questions..but I really think an agenda is my next purchase.. I would also like to know what you all think of the agenda you own ( if you have an H one) and why you recommend it..Thanks!!
    I think I'm on an H roll...in 3 months I have purchased 2 Ulysses, 1 bolide, 2 scarves, a scarf ring and a cadena..uh oh.. I think I have the fever:wlae::heart:
  2. Congrats for all your fabulous purchases! Sadly, I can't help you here. I've got sooo much to learn still. But hopefully some of the wisest ladies will point you in the right direction. Cheers!
  3. A lady on a mission, yippee!!! I have the one with one pin and a zipper, love it!
  4. What do you ladies think is the best leather for an agenda? I was thinking chevre or epsom..but someone had one in rodeo in the reference section and it looks good too.
  5. ClickenWar: I can't stop stroking my Eversoft. I was pretty worried about it when I got a little bit of nail oil on my Eversoft wallet two weeks ago. Now I can't see where it was. I swear.

    You ask about pricing. I think it was $1495. I got the largest agenda and it has the two pins, but no place for a pen, which is kind of a bummer.


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  6. Oh, and the calendar planner inserts are extra.
  7. ooohh.. I was worried eversoft would be too soft but that looks luscious!!
  8. Just touch it. You have died and gone to heaven!
  9. Oregonfanlisa-gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing
  10. Lisa, that's beautiful!
  11. That is one HOT agenda!!!
  12. Those of you that have an agenda with a penholder..do you only use the hermes pen? my problem is I write in my planner in pencil and there is no H pencil for the planner.
    If you use something else.. what is it? Thanks
  13. [​IMG]
    I just purchased my new chevre mysore agenda today.
    It's the "GM Diary Cover with Loops" and it was $355 + tax.

    The annual GM refil (1 week on two pages as opposed to 1 day per page) was $75 + tax.

    I use my Hermes pen but I thought they did have a pencil? Am I wrong?
  14. that's so pretty AuthenticLux! :heart:
    My SA said there wasn't a pencil that could be purchased alone.. I believe . If one of you knows different..please let me know because I would love to buy a pencil!