I need to know the value and style of this MJ bag

  1. I need help with the style and value of this MJ bag. It is in excellent condition. I can't find the style anywhere online so I don't know what it is worth.

    ebay 2_15_08.jpg ebay 2_15_08 015.jpg
  2. Do you have pics of the bag?
  3. Yep, pics would be helpful
  4. just added my pics
  5. It looks like the Wonder Bag but with shorter handles - Could it the "Wonder Satchel"??? It might also be called E/W Satchel (these longer bags sometimes have E/W in their name)

    What kind of nameplate is inside? Does it just say MARC JACOBS or does it also say MADE IN ITALY underneath? Is there a season tag inside the inner zipper pocket?
  6. The first thing I thought of was wonder bag, until I glanced over at my wonder bag and thought "oh, different straps".
  7. eb3.jpg

    eb2.jpg Here are more pics. I need to check the season tag and made in italy when I get home. The Marc Jacobs is on all hardware and the name is on the tag as shown inside.

  8. here is another of the inside tag

    ebay 2_15_08 001.jpg
  9. I found this in the reference thread under discontinued styles. Obviously this isn't the same bag, but it does look like the same style! In the thread this picture was referred to as "pocket satchel" not sure if that is the official name though. I'll keep on looking!
  10. That looks like my purse. The same body but mine is all leather and canvas on inside.
    Here are more pics of my purse. How do I find the value to sell on eBay?

    2.jpg ebay 2_15_08 011.jpg
  11. I cant find any tags inside the pockets. It also cant find made in italy. It does have the markings riri underneath both zippers.
  12. I am putting this on eBay and would like to get a fair price for what it is worth. Any advice and tips for eBay would be great. I am new to ebay. I just lucked out having a friend that has money giving me a great purse. The inside is spotless and the outside is near perfect. It has a few spots on the bottom. That is the only place there are blemishes.
  13. its called the double pocket satchel, theres not many on ebay, but i think the original retail price was around 800-900 proly same as a blake.. but i dont think these are on high demand though
  14. That's actually a much older bag - MJ hasn't lined the inside with leather since the 1st or 2nd season. It probably doesn't have a serial # and the Made in Italy label should either be a leather label inside the inner zippered pocket or it's possible that it's stamped into the leather of that inner pocket trimmed w/leather - If it's NWT you might try no more than half its orig price (which monkee indicated was 800-900), but even that might be a little high for that particular style
  15. i tried finding a bag like yours on ebay, unfortunately i couldnt find any
    but these 2 come really close..
    the first one has different handles than yours, and the 2nd one looks like a bigger version of your bag. hope this somewhat helps