i need to know if my Prada bag is Real or Fake

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  1. hello
    i know that someone has asked this question but am going to go and ask anyways, here goes i got just gotten a bag from ebay. i dont have any pics of but here what it looks like
    Prada Handbags: New Prada Handbags and Purses, 2006

    but mine's white and maybe not real !!!

    the inside does have the lining Prada going across
    the inside tag is leather says Prada milano
    then there's another white tag that says Made in Italy
    THe hardware most of the metel saya Prada
    it came with a Prada dust cover white cotten (feels like Felt ) with the Prada Embossed on the Front in Black with a Drawstring
    inside the dust cover there is a tag that says Prada 100% cotten made in Italy

    i did get a Authenticity Card the one that says Prada its white and feels like a credit card but i didn't get the smaller one with the bar code and thats why i thinks it FAke oh here another reason why i thinks its fake in this pic Prada Handbags: New Prada Handbags and Purses, 2006
    as you all see that the ID holder on top it says Prada on the metel mine doesn't say that.

    so here what i really want to know is there a place i can go and ask then if its real or not bc i would like know i paid alot and if its fake i have something to say to this ebay person
    also sadly i live in North Caolina not NY and LA and there is no Prada store around maybe i can go to SAXS or something ??!!!!! and ask them

    i hope someone can help me !!!!!!!
  2. I would try a Saks and ask if it's real. They should be able to tell you. I can not see your pictures. When I click both links they take me a website with many bags. From what you are describing with all the differences it sounds fake to me. Is there any way you can link directly to the picture or indicate which one it is on that page?
  3. I would PM Jill the mod, she is addicted to Prada and could probably give you an expert answer.
  4. I would need to see detailed pics inside and outside of the bag to tell..Feel free to Pm them to me