I Need to Know: Alabaster (Cervo)

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  1. You all know the last time I became enamoured of a colour was "Duchesse" (Cervo). What can you all tell me about Alabaster (Cervo)? What year was it? Was it only available in Europe or did the US have a limited supply? LOVE this color!

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  2. #2 Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
    Alabastre was Fall/Winter 2013. Might have been introduced for Resort '13 or maybe it carried over to Resort '14? I can't remember. I will have one more cup of coffee, then I will know ;)

    EDIT TO ADD: I don't think it was released in Europe or Asia only, as the Cervo Loop in this colour was available in the US. But, I am not a Sales Associate, so you could maybe e-mail one and ask.
  3. Thanks, S. I know you told me via text, but this way we have it recorded here for posterity.
  4. How does Alabastre differ from Oyster? I can't always tell on the computer screen. Is one a pearly grey and one brighter white?
  5. Actually, Alabastre seems to be more creamy - think very very light tan overtone, as opposed to grey. My new Alabastre is coming to me from Sweden; I'll do a reveal when she gets here!
  6. I have a Cervo loop in this color that I got early last year at the outlet. I don't know when it actually came out but, it's a beautiful color and I love it for spring.
  7. Ooo, thanks for letting me know. I plan to use it for Spring/Summer. Can't wait to receive her!
  8. Well, shoot. Seller contacted the consignment company to let them know the bag was no longer available, so looks like I'm not getting an Alabastre Cervo Hobo after all!!!:nogood::crybaby:

  9. Oh no! So sorry. Looks like a very nice spring/summer bag. Hope A better one will show up for you.
  10. It opens the door for something better and more fantastic.
    Where one door closes, another one opens...
    Patience grasshopper ::yoda smiley::

    *did Yoda even say that? or is that from Karate Kid? IDK, I've seen neither :oh:
  11. I can see a movie night coming up - I must get you up to speed.

    And neither said it - it was part of a great quote by Alexander Graham Bell:

    When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

    OH - you mean "Patience, Grasshopper" - that was "Patience, young grasshopper" from the 70s show, "Kung Fu".

    Speaking of oddities: Just got around to watching "The Lone Ranger", the one with Johnny Depp - Holy Cow, is that a good movie. "Nature is definitely out of balance".;);)
  12. Funnily enough, a few days before India first posted about this color, I spyed an Albaster Cervo Loop Hobo. I know I like the style and recall seeing the color in the boutique. Based on comments here and Bagreedy's endorsement (I like your style A!), I was lucky enough to score the bag (and at a smokin' deal too)! It will be perfect for an easy spring bag!
  13. Glad you scooped that up - I saw it and was tempted, but - it's too much for me, but I already know that style works for you, perfectly! Do post a modeling shot when she arrives!
  14. I absolutely :heart: it

    Can't remember it anywhere myself, perhaps it sold out quickly in Europe
  15. The Alabaster Cervo Loop arrived. It's beautiful. Feels lighter than other loop hobos and the color is warm yet clean. Has more yellow than stock photos. I find its a bit big worn this way.

    Looks much better carried this way!
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