I need to get bigger boots...Half size up or one size up? Diff in inches?

  1. Hi guys , I bought a pair of chanel boots in my usual size but they are too small. ( my toes a bit curled up) I am wondering should I go half size bigger one one full size bigger? What's the measurement different usually? I can't try them on in the store as I buy them online so shipping back and forth is pretty costly. Thanks for your help.
  2. I always go up one full size. If they have a size and a half bigger... I take that one!
  3. wow really, they are that small eh?
  4. I usually go one size up --- it really depends on the boot though!

    My chanel riding boots are 1/2 higher. My other chanel riding boots are usually 1 size up
  5. They are pull on type,no zipper.
  6. I thought the thread title said I need bigger boobs and I was like huh what does that have to do with Chanel? :p
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