I need to get a new bag, but, but.... Some help...

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  1. I need to get a new bag from my local store, but I'm in a dilemma because, despite the light weight of balenciaga, I still find that my city gets heavy after a while if I carry them after work to shop. I have town, but the bag is packed full if I use it for work. I prefer my bag to have a little space left after packing it (like the city, there's still some room left).

    Yesterday I went to my local bal again to check out for any intermediate bags between city and town and also the colour vert jade. I chance upon the velo. Usually I won't consider velo, given my height (5") and the cross body strap is too long... But it seems that the new S/S 14 and maybe F/W 13 has a seriously shorter cross body strap now. So, that kinda expand my selection a little more. I never had a velo. Hence, I'm unsure if I would like it. I know I like my city for the space and shape. I just don't like the weight after a while of carrying.

    So, my questions is, how much heavier / lighter is the velo compared to city? Or are they the same. If anyone has a kitchen scale, a velo and city, that would be the most helpful. I was a little embarrassed to dig out everything in my city to throw into the store's velo to try the weight. Too much junk.

    I'm not so into the shape of velo because visually I find the studs are too far away from the bottom buckle. I do know a velo is bigger than city and can hold more too. I find the shape of city more appealing to me.

    Another thing, the colours available for velo are mainly the s/s 14 colour which are too light for me, I prefer brighter colours. Only s/s colour I like is the rose azulea (peach pink). But it comes in only silver studs for them. Or else, it'll be rose cardinal from f/w 13 in gold hw which I like but the strap is not appealing. Looks kinda dry too for that last piece of rose cardinal velo. Ultraviolet silver hw velo is available too but the SA said I already have 2 other ultraviolet bags, I should get some other colour.

    Need some pointers to help me decide....

    Thank you.
  2. What did you think of vert jade? I was admiring that color online and was wondering how it looks in person.
    I only have a velo so I can't compare it to a city but I do love the cross body option and the fact that it can hold a lot of items. It doesn't feel heavy to me when worn cross body.
  3. The vert jade is a pale mint green. The pieces I saw had a nice sheen to them too. :smile:
  4. Vert jade is very pale green... I almost mistook it for the baby blue they had until I saw the blue... Vert jade is much lighter than vert d'eau if I'm not wrong...
  5. The only other bag that I can think of is the day style bag. It will hold more than the city, and I find it comfortable. I'm sensitive about the weight of my bags too!
  6. If you like the look of the Day, I agree. It is by far the most comfortable bag, full or empty, of any I've ever owned.
  7. The Day fits a ton and is very very comfy to carry. The only complaint is it's deep, like a put, so if you gave a lot it can be hard to dig around for things to find. Not that I don't have some. I like a lot of space too. I have mostly Works with some Days and Middays mixed in.

    Concerning the "13 leather, it is really dry. I had to put leather honey on my bags for that year but this seasons bags were better. My Gris Pyrite leather is really nice. That color isn't to light, what do you think of that color, and it comes in Velo with gold hardware.

    Is Vert Jade like Maldives? I'm getting a bracelet today in Vert Jade from Barney's so I'll compare but it reminds me of Maldives, especially reading that is has some blue in it. If it is like Maldives and you're not opposed to preowned I see tons of preowned Maldives online all the time with original Giant hardware if you like that. That's what I have. :love::love::love::love:
  8. Unfortunately, I did not see Maldives in person. I looked at the vert jade again; it does have a blue undertone. Under the store's lighting, it looks like a true "Easter" pastel green! It's very pretty, but too light for me!
  9. I had the chance to try on a Velo a couple weeks ago, and I agree - they must have done something different with the strap because it did not go as low as others my height (5'0") showed in their photos.

    I don't have a Velo, but have been definitely eyeing it as a possibility in the future. However - I do have a Day and agree with everyone else who mention how amazing of a bag it is. I do keep a flexible organizer at the bottom to help keep stuff easy to find, but it is by far my favorite.
  10. I've narrowed it down to either a
    1) rose azulea ggh city
    2) rose cardinal ggh velo

    I'm really afraid the velo is too long for me for cross body and like someone mention that it might become a black hole I can't reach while wearing it cross body, since I'm 5 feet.

  11. I don't know what season the cardinal Velo is from. But if it is 2014 I can tell you with certainty it is not too long on the shortest setting. I am 5"0' and tried one on. If you go to the Velo clubhouse thread I put a photo up "modeling" it.

    I don't know if 2013 is longer or the same.
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    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    The SA at my local bal said velo's strap was shorten since f/w13. So rose cardinal is the shorter version. But I've never liked velo's shape before... Only considering slightly because it seems spacious which can also be a danger of overloading (I tend to overload my bags) and it becomes too heavy after a while. The strap seems manageable at the shortest length, but I haven't tried reaching the bottom of the bag while carrying it cross body...

    City already causes me to have shoulder ache after lugging it around for a good hour or so...

    On one hand, I want to downside my bag to carry lesser stuff, on the other hand I can't let go of some stuff in my bag... I wonder how some can do it so easily when they use a first or mini city....
  13. HI Jumper, i can totally feel you

    Im experiencing shoulder aches on & off since don't know when. I never have such problem at all actually.

    Like what you mentioned, i tried reducing the number of stuff i carried out now. I carried those that are necessary, at times i wanted to forsake my umbrella (it is actually quite small) but scare what if it rains n ruin my bag?? So in the end the umbrella is always in the bag :biggrin:

    So far im keeping fingers cross, hoping the aches won't come back. Im still trying to carry light and most importantly don't overstuff.

    How about getting the Day? It seems spacious but without cross body
  14. I don't really like the hobo style. Prefer to have two handles with an additional strap.