i NEED to find...

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find one of those gun tag things that the retail clothes shops use to attach tags to the plastic tag thingys and onto the garment??

    whats the official name? and where can I get one?

    (we are putting together a fashion show for a class and are going to sell the clothes afterwards and would like tags showing prices to be attached)

  2. They have them at office stores like Staples too. :smile:
  3. staples...i have seen it their
  4. I am looking for the actual gun that comes with the plastic ties, not the pricing gun that prints out little stickers with the price on it.

    like the plastic ties that are on clothes when you buy them from like nordstroms, or like on handbags from dept stores. NOT the little sticker guns....

    anyone have ideas? I checked staples.com and they had the sticker gun, no tag gun.
  5. You need to find a retail wholesaler, in England we have Morplan. Those guns are used for attaching kimble tags so try searching for a kimble tag gun
  6. Nope, Staples (at least in the stores) has the pricing tag gun. I remember because I was working in retail at the time and was shocked that they would make it so easy for people to take off tags, wear the item, then attach the tag back on after wearing it. It comes with plastic attachers. They might not have it online at Staples, but I've definitely seen them in stores.