I need to find this satchel!!!!Help!!

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  1. I'm at my wits end......I spotted this when I was taking my son to physical therapy in the passenger seat of a car I parked next to on 01/27. I have no picture, but its a 2 handle satchel/tote multi colored with bright pastel colors in a woven effect kinda of like Harley Seatbelt bags, but a smaller square, the handles and the bottom of the purse look like a croc embossed in lime or new spring green color...its beautiful. Any suggestions would be great??? I should have walked back in the office and asked who's it was, but did not want to appear stalker-like...lol
  2. Sorry, I have no idea but hopefully someone else will, good luck.
  3. No, I wish it was been searching for 2 days for this!
  4. Yeah, I saw the candy wrapper bags, but that's not it!!!! It's kinda of woven like that, but in solid pastel colors with croc trim and bottom. I did find out the person, who carrys the bag, so I'll be asking her on Monday at physical therapy, the therapist told me who it was........lol. So I all find out the brand hopefully:ty:though for helping