I need to find this bag....

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  1. Hello everyone Im dying to own the beautiful versace metallic monogram bag! Anyone know where to get it? I have called the boutique but they have none. Eluxury is completely sold out. Maybe you all could help?:smile:

    Heres the pic:
  2. Here are the numbers for Versace in Vegas. All the stores except NYC are franchised. I saw this bag there, in September.
    (702) 874-2266 or (702) 796-7332
    Good Luck on your search!
  3. I have no idea but that's a gorgeous bag!
  4. stunning bag! how much do they go for?
  5. The Versace boutique in my City still has it last week (just saw it) ~ dunno now. But, I live so far away... Jakarta! So, I guess just forget it hmmm... The bag is so gorgeous, really love it! Hope you'll get it soon. Goodluck!
  6. is jakarta in indonesia? Can I have the number?
  7. Looks like Eluxury has it back in stock, check it out.
  8. I don't see it, can you give me the link?
  9. It's stunning. I hope you're able to get hold of it.

  10. Go to Eluxury.com or just follow THIS link.
  11. that is the solid metallic bag, it's not the one in the picture above.
  12. Just re your pm, I wrote the numbers there; and since I didn't know how to insert attachment there, so I think I just attach it here... this is the pic of the other bag that I mentioned. Goodluck again!