I need to find this bag..please help!

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  1. I have been looking for a neutral bag that would go with everything for months..until now. A girl on the bus had it and she sat next to me. The things i noticed about the bag was the obvious Miu Miu label in gold on the front. The bag was a simple rectangle shape and was large but not overly large. It was a dark dark brown colour all the way through. The handles had darkened so i am assuming she has had it for some time. The bag would easily fit over the shoulder. The bag had 3 studs on the bottom on each side in a pewter colour but the zipper was gold. That's all i could notice in a few quick glances, i didnt want her to think i was some stalker! haha

    I had a look on the websites ( net-a- porter etc) and i could not see it anywhere.

    Does anyone know or have any ideas? Unfortuneatly i am new to Miu Miu and do not know enough about it to know what to look up besides "Miu Miu". If i find this bag, my hunt will be over!!:yahoo:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. anyone?

    It kind of looks like this bag but more of a chocolate brown with no longer strap and studs on the bottom.

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  3. Im not good at MIU MIU bag nmaes(Prada I can name in my sleep)!
    Did u look on Raffaello-network.com and styledrops.com?They have a decent selection there