I need to find the right RED Coach

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  1. I need a new RED bag! I'd love to buy Coach, and I'm looking for suggestions on style names/numbers, since I don't know which bags came out in red. I don't mind buying used or new, so non-current styles are ok. Here's what I'm looking for:

    - Medium to large size (the medium Zoe is a great size for me!)
    - Deep red, not bright, not maroon. Patent is ok too, not mandatory.
    - Prefer silver hardware
    - Prefer single strap hobo, but dual straps is ok too, just not crossbody, and I have to be able to carry it comfortably on my shoulder.

    Ready? GO!
  2. Crimson Patent Zoe or Red Leather Zoe. I don't care for the Zoe on ME, but she seems to fit your requirements, and she's pretty. :biggrin:
  3. I have a large red patent Ergo hobo that I just adore. It has brushed brass hardware. It has one very comfortable strap that stays up on the shoulder. It's not a deep crimson like the current beauties that you can view on Coach.com but it's not a too bright in your face red either.
  4. I really love the Cranberry Mia Maggie:love:
  5. Chili Carly, but I don't know if the hardware is silver or brass.
  6. Does anyone have a cranberry Mia like tawnycat suggested? I'm wondering what the color looks like in person!

    Thanks for the suggestions so far!
  7. Try Red Soho Large Hobo with silver hardware circa 2008 style #12684. I got mine on the 'bay NWT.
  8. I second the vote for the cranberry mia maggie. The red is deep and the patent is soft. The size is good but I suggest you get into a store to try one out. Lots of folks, including me originally, don't like the double straps of the original maggie. These on the mia are done differently and seem to stay on better. The size would be what you're looking for and the color is perfect. Hardware is silver, too. Good luck.
  9. I also vote for cranberry mia! It's a gorgeous bag!
  10. I agree about going to try one out. I like the bag, but both the original and the new version straps do not stay on my shoulder well and so I can't/won't buy the style personally
  11. Ditto this!

    (and your lolcats avatar always makes me laugh, tawny!)

  12. Thank you..I love me some LOlcats:graucho:
  13. Ooooh, loving that Mia Maggie! I'm so glad to see what the color looks like- thanks!!

    @ dwm- I love that bag! I have the pink one in the slightly smaller version. I'll keep my eye out for that too!