I need to find a store that sells Tokidoki nearby?

  1. We would like to go to Chicago today :wlae: but the search for stores on tokidoki is not working :confused1: is there another spot to check it out we are leaving in a little bit and my only chance is if i know ahead of time otherwise my fiance will not let me go out of our way to find a store that carries them... I know Macys, Nordstroms and stores like that carry them but ours in my area does not :cursing: is there another site with a search?
  2. If you have a Metropark nearby, they sell Tokidoki too.:tup:
  3. Macys on State Street has the vacanze print. There is a store called A. Okay Official that has a ton of Tokidoki at 3270 N. Clark St 773-248-4547.