I need to find a ring with this style....

  1. Ok, here's the deal. I need a ring that is similar in style to this one:


    Any suggestions? Here's the required criteria:

    - Yellow Gold
    - ONLY Thin bands
    - Needs to include diamonds (Yes she likes the bling factor)
    - Needs to be a reasonable price! (Nothing over $1,000.)
    - The Brand name doesn't matter.
    - She loves hearts, but there doesn't have to be a heart in the ring.

    Hope you can help me out! THANKS!
  2. Willy, I am thinking here! I only know rings in white gold or platinum like that. Give it a little time and some great jewelry people will help you I am sure.

    In the meantime, why don't you look at some of these websites:

    These are all reasonably priced online stores. Also, before you buy online...always run a check for a coupon or promo code...google for it. It can save you extra money
  3. Ah, thanks a lot kelly. I'm looking at the sites now. White Gold or Platinum would be fine if it is just the perfect ring I am looking for. She just prefers Yellow Gold over White because of her skin tone.
  4. Kellybag's right. There are several brilliant independent jewelry designers on this forum as well as several posters with wonderful taste in jewelry, who will be able to offer you great suggestions. So hopefully you are not in that much of a hurry, willy. :smile:
  5. Well, I have until the 22nd of this month to present the ring. I hope that's enough time to gather some choices =x
  6. Japster???? Where are you? :smile: Do you do rings?

    Perhaps Japster can come up with something. Not sure if she does things like this but I know she works with gold. I know it's way beyond my skill set.
  7. Hmm I'm getting excited! :yes: Just to clarify, the band doesn't have to resemble that exact shape. The band doesn't HAVE to curve like that. That's just a ring that she really liked because of the thin gold band, and heart design. And the other problem is that I got my ex that same ring a while back, so I don't feel right getting her the same one! And my lovely girlfriend deserves much better!
  8. WILLY...we will help you swiftly...hang on...and NO YOU WON'T buy anything anywhere near that other ring!!!!
  9. willy, can you do $1200?

    Off the wall...Tiffanys has a gorgeous heart ring in platinum...very thin band...called "Tiffany Hearts" ring of diamonds set in platinum

    I will go see if I can find it on their website. I know it is over budget, but sometimes if I love it...I find a way to make it work.

    ***It is there...just do a search and put the info in...they raised the price...it was $1100.
    Guess it is steep, but I thought I would throw it out to you.
  10. Well, it sure is nice :yes: I'll keep it in mind, it is really nice. If they had it in yellow gold it would be PERFECT. They couldn't do that could they? =/ I have a question about how diamonds look, though. I know that the quality is VS compared t o SI1/2 or something on the link I posted in my first post, but the ring I posted was 1/4 ct. tw. The Tiffany's ring is .07 ct. tw. That seems extremely small. Will it still shimmer in light even though it is a very small amount of diamonds? I guess I have to read up on this stuff eh :shrugs:
  11. Well, Thanks for your help!! Japster just showed me a ring that I love and is exactly what I'm looking for!! If I knew how to post pics I'd show it yay THANKS JAPSTER:flowers:
  12. She'll love it! :love:
  13. Japster...can you post a picture? I would love to see what Willy chose and that is why I came back here.
  14. Seriously.. I want to see this ring! :biggrin:
  15. Japster...Willy...where are you?