I need to drop 8 pounds in two weeks, any tips?

  1. :smile:......yeah, I'm attending to a very imp. event and I would love to drop a couple of pounds if possible...I'm actually 11 pounds overweight...TIA!
  2. A great healthy way to do it without fad dieting is to detox.

    Try to only eat fruit, veggies and small quantities of brown rice for the next two weeks. Also a few egg whites a day for protein is good too

    I promise you it will work. You have to be creative about your meals or you will get bored. But eating fruit and veggies only will cleanse your system like you wouldnt beleive.

    Good luck w/ whatever you decide
  3. Oh--forgot to say...

    if you detox on fruit and veggies then you shouldnt eat white potatoes or avacadoes.

    All other fruit and veggies are fair game.

    Also oatmeal is ok too (w/ no sugar)
  4. Cool! ...Are soups included? I love soups...I can prepare using organic chicken broth or veggies broth. What do you think?
  5. My way of detoxing and for me it works great, I usually loose about 8 pounds in 2 weeks. try to use as many organic things as you can.

    You can eat in the morning 2 eggs any style (cooked of scrambled with mushrooms, peppers, onions) just use a tiny little of olive oil to cook.

    For lunch 4 oz of lean beef (for instance with salad) or breast of chicken, or a tuny fish salad.

    In between a milkshake (scoop of whey vanille protein, 3-4 oz cranberry water (without sweetener),half of a package of frozen fruit (any berries) lots of icecubes (12), stevia as sweetener, 1 little scoop of flaxseed and blend this in your blender)

    Another thing you could have in between is an apple, just like that or in the oven/microwave with some cinnamon.

    For dinner, asparagus or broccoli soup (1 bunch of asparagus, put them for about 3-4 minutes in cooking water), in a pan some vegatable broth, cook as much onions as you like (I usually do half), 2 garlic, and the asparagus, wait till the onions are glazed. In your blender, 2 cups of vegetable broth, put all the contents in there and blend hard till you have a soup. Put in a pan and cook lowheat for 10 minutes, I love to make it spicy with cayenne pepper. Asparagus is really good for getting excess water out of your body.

    4 oz of lean meat (could be for instance a burger) or breast of chicken or fish, with broccoli and cauliflower.
  6. Southbeach will be the easiest and most result way to lose the most in 2 weeks.

  7. Yeah it works but you'll gain it back just as soon as you stop. I

    I recommend to NOT try a fad diet.....unless you are looking for a quick fix only

  8. Umm. When I did it I don't remember soups being ok. PM me when you get a chance and I can give you more info.
  9. Basically what the other posters are describing is carbohydrate restriction. I know triatheletes who drop weight quickly before events by going on a 3-day carb fast which forces your body to start burning fat for energy, and then afterwards limiting carb intake to about 30 to 50 grams a day which is NOT a lot. I have tried this myself and it does work but it's HARD to maintain and you will feel tired. It's a quick fix but extremely difficult to keep up long-term. A 3 day carb fast means you basically eat only meat and eggs and cheese! And sugar-free jello!! Any food that has zero carbs in it is OK. Obviously this crash diet is a bad idea if you're diabetic or naturally hypoglycemic. Whatever you try, good luck!
  10. Exercise, eat 6 meals a day (smaller meals) which includes fruits, eggs, LEAN meats, chicken, and lots and lots of veggies.

  11. you know...i found out that if I eat breakfast (it does not matter what I eat) I gain weight...I'm have been eating fruits or cereal for the past week for breakfast and had put up some weight...:sad:
  12. No soda.............Not even Diet soda!!!
  13. If it's an entrance weighing and you're desperate, you could dehydrate yourself prior to the weighing which would lower your weight a bit. but remember to drink lots of fluids afterwards if you decide to do that.

  14. how come you shouldn't eat avacado??

  15. how does that milkshake taste? it's hard for me to drink down anything that doesn't taste too good but i really wanna try that!