I need to calm down. DF's parents are in town, they live out of the country ro


Dec 21, 2006
and i know that meeting my parents was inevitable. so after trying to push it off as long as i can (they arrived just last tuesday), his mom finally put her foot down and said it's gotta be this weekend. (i have not bring up the "meeting" w/ my parnets yet)
anyhow, so DF said to her that we will just meet at a restaurnat for dinner, but his mom insisted that they need to visit my parents at my home first, and then set a separate date for dinner. It took me forever to accept the fact that htey have to meet once, now, by the sounds of it it's gotta be at least twice. gosh, i am so not looking forward to it.
they don't even really speak the same language, how awkard is this gonna be? yikes!


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Why are you so worried about your parents meeting? If you plan on taking your relationship further, then they're going to have to meet eventually (meeting at the wedding isn't cool...) and they're going to have to learn to coexist with eachother, especially if you end up having children.

My mother is from Germany and my father is from the US. My dad's side of the family spoke no German, my mom's side no English...And guess what? They got along great!! Sure, there was some translating, but you can always get by by using your hands and feet to talk :smile:

I have a similar situation with my boyfriend. His mom is from Belgium, mine is from Germany. Mom doesn't know Flemmish and his mom doesn't speak German or English very well - yet they still get along fine and are good friends, and occasionally go shopping together when his mom is in town!
Jan 28, 2007
Just enjoy yourself! I see it as very flattering to be meeting the parents. I met my boyfriend's for the first time this year and they are from another country and do not speak English except for a few words. It was actually very interesting, and my boyfriend helped a lot in translating and we were teaching each other new words.

I also brought over some nice wine and baked a cake. Just show them through small gestures that you are a caring and friendly person. Smile, be warm and just enjoy the experience. I had a good time with it, although I was nervous at first, but it ended up being wonderful. Good luck!
Nov 8, 2006
what disturbs me is ur bf's mother "putting her foot down" and insisting on this and that.

actually she should be fine with whatever you two want. ie the casual dinner meeting should be fine. she shouldn't be the one dictating terms.

Situation sounds like there is a lot more background to ur relationship. and it sounds like she is trying to suss you and your family out. that's one possible reason for her wanting to visit your family at home.

Does she not like you/object to you cos that's the sense i'm getting.

she sounds like such an easy person to get along with if you catch my sarcasm....


Its still me...
Mar 4, 2006
I know it can be so nerve wracking but once you have got the 'first time' out of the way it will be fine.

I do not know where they come from but perhaps meeting at the house and then seperate dinner date is usual practice.

Just try and relax it will be fine - good luck!:smile:


Aug 22, 2006
Deep South
^^That was what I was thinking...that the customs in their country might dictate their meeting first, then plans made are separate. Having said that, that doesn't make it any easier on you. You've been dreading it once because of the language barrier and now you have two times to worry about.

I just did something I've been *dreading* doing for a month. It has nothing to do with your situation, but the 'dreading' part was the same. I did it, it went very, very well, and it is over. Point is...things we dread can sometimes be entirely different than we expected in thinking about it beforehand. We'll just all pray that it will go smoothly for you. Who knows? I ended up having a good time and laughing, and now I am wondering what was the big deal with worrying about it in the first place?!

Good luck and tell us how things went/go. We'll be pulling for it to go great for you. :tup: