I need to buy a new bag and I need to do it now!

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  1. I hugged my dog. I hugged my cat. They both looked at me like I had 2 heads. Tomorrow I plan to hug a couple of our Mountain Tapirs. I felt better after hugging them and am now eating pint of Dulce Le Leche ice cream BUT I think the only thing that will make me feel better is to buy a nice new handbag. Nothing too expensive as this is an impulse buy. Maybe a $300 limit? I am shopping the web but am welcoming ALL suggestions.
  2. I have the need for some retail therapy pretty often, I feel ya!
    Lemme think!
  3. I just want to say that I love dulce de leche ice cream. I love dulce de leche :love:

    Feel better, bagnshoo :nuts: Let us know what retail therapy brings you!
  4. $300 limit? Hmmm......... Do you like Coach or Banana Republic?
  5. I love Coach. Haven't had too much experience with Banana Republic but like I said, I am very open to suggestions.
  6. OH good idea! BR's bags are really great this year!
  7. BR has some really cute slouchy bags. If anyone has pics of cute BR bags could you please post them? Thanks!
  8. Heck yah! If all else fails, there is always a cute pair of shoes!
  9. how bout Bulga? slightly over the price range though....
  10. maybe a bag AND SHOES!
  11. who sells Bulga? is there a website?
  12. oh those! I love those. I've always liked this one but would like it in white:

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