i need to be vernis enabled!!!!!

  1. iv decided i really NEED something in pomme before i cant get it anymore but im frightened of vernis! i dont baby my bags and dont want to have to worry about it too much.
    please enable me and suggest a small wallet or other accessory

    woohoo, my 500th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. At least get a cles!
  3. ^ thats what i was thinking about.
  4. A cles or a key holder, pomme is a drak colour so not too much to worry about, vernis is not as fragile as it's made out to be but the light colours you need to baby a bit more
  5. An agenda (doubles as a wallet :graucho: )! I think you don't have to worry about color transfer too much for the darker vernis colors, like Pomme! It's such a beautiful color you should definitely get something before they sell out!
  6. Maybe you should go for a wallet or something. I think the pomme is a really nice color. I personally want to get the roxbury drive in pomme T_T
  7. I love vernis and Im sure you will love it too. Pomme is a beautiful colour
  8. I really love the agenda! it's sooo great! very useful..if you don't think it is for yourself, I'd do a cles! and yes, ITA you need to get something in pomme before it is gone! such a gorgeous color!
  9. go for the pomme zippy, i have this and LVoe it!!!!
    been using it for 2 months straight and I do not baby my things, and it still looks brand new!
  10. I would either get a cles, agenda, or ludlow. They're all relatively inexpensive. (in the LV world):rolleyes: Here's a little pomme eye candy to help enable you!:nuts: :graucho:
    LV Complete Pomme family.JPG
  11. I am about as rough as you can get with stuff and my vernis is going fine. It's really not as fragile as people say. I have a perle bag and framboise and pomme accessories. Pomme is the most worry-free. Love it.
  12. I haven't had my Pomme zippy for long, but it's doing great. I agree with the others that say its dark enough that you don't have as much to worry about.
  13. I have a Pomme cles and a pomme key holder. I love the key holder. I love taking my keys out of my bag because it is sooooo pretty! No scratches to the outside only inside.

    I also have a Framboise agenda and it's to die for!

    I highly suggest one of these three accessories. They'll add color to your bag and happiness to your heart!
  14. Pomme is such a beautiful color. I would either get a cles or a key holder.
  15. :wtf: must....cover.....eyes....., danger!:drool: :drool: I'd say either agenda, koala, or zippy!!! Don't forget the matching Pomme Inclusion while ur at the store :devil: :graucho: