I need to be a 'GOOD GIRL', so anyone wants this Python, get it!!!

  1. Dear Friends:

    I have to be on my upmost behavier before I get my 2 birkins, tick tick tick.... So, I am going to turn down a blue classic Python for $1995 :crybaby:

    My SA is holding it til tomorrow if I change my mind, so anyone wants it call Karen at NM, tel: 973-912-0080 and tell her you are Morgan's friend. Pls do share picture and at least I may :drool:

  2. Morgan that is so sweet of you!! I never knew python flaps were that "cheap"...is this the medium size? And what color blue? Thanks!! :flowers:
  3. Dear Ms. Butterfliie:

    I asked her too as I was curious why the price is :heart: and Karen said it is size similar to EW and color is a shade darker than baby blue; more like ocean blue.

    If you do get it, pls POST picture!!!

    Hope this info helps....