I NEED this

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  1. That really is nice; I do like the ring. Very different.
  2. You can get this ring at the boutiques. They do have larger sizes. I'd recommend a stop into the SF boutique to try some things on! ;)
  3. I like this style too, DD. Too bad it's not a style that could be *sized* larger.
  4. Thanks; I will check it out. I couldn't find it online so I was worried I wouldn't be able to find it in-stores. I commute over 60 miles to school so even though I'm in SF every day, making a trip for nothing would be both time-consuming and heart wrenching!! (I also just wanted to share my burning desire with the forum)
  5. Give Brian a call in SF, he is the manager, and can give you some guidance.
  6. Thanks for the rec! As it turns out, I called a few minutes before seeing your post and made an informal appt. to see Paolo tomorrow to see it. :smile:
  7. I have this ring, I LOVE it!!! I wear it on my middle finger. Even Rosario Dawson complimented it on Fashion'S Night Out in NYC, no kidding! I have a matching bangle too! This is art work.
  8. Tell Paolo I said HI! Hope he can get you what you need.
  9. Went in today. Paolo wasn't there but it turns out I'd need a size L in the right - which of course needed to be ordered in. Cross your fingers (and all the rings on them!) that it fits. :smile:
  10. I like it! Very different
  11. I always need the big rings, too. Keep us posted!
  12. Ta-da! My birthday was Wednesday so I've been sporting it for 2 days now. I love it! Might be ditching my Gucci and Movado rings permanently =P

  13. ^ Splendid!
  14. and Happy Bday :smile: