i need this!

  1. random, but Zappos has that pouch on their website... go to couture collections, designers, marc by marc, and you'll see it;)
  2. thank you so much! im going to order it tonight when i get home from work! now i just have to find a use for it. :tup:
  3. couldn't you use it as a cosmetics pouch? or would it be too flat?

    the miss marc character is freakishly funny. i love how you can zip her mouth open and shut. think of how useful that would be if you could do that to anyone you wanted to...

  4. haha...i know a few ppl that it would be really useful to!! :p
  5. absolutely!
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. I think it would work great as a clutch, cosmetic pouch, or pencil pouch. Congrats!
  8. i agree. it's a pretty decent size. i think the boutiques have it for cheaper than Zappos- but after their shipping i guess it's the same.
  9. i just ordered the pouch; with a free overnight shipping upgrade :smile: :smile:
  10. I saw it at MbyMJ in SF store actually a couple months ago. I almost bought it but couldn't think what I will use it for. The price I think is okay, $75.
  11. LOL I think it looks like a coffin! But it is darn funny with the zip as the mouth.
  12. well, i AM going to school to be a funeral director, so the coffin shape is very appropriate :smile:
  13. ^ahhh! so perfect!
  14. oh, very cute.