I NEED this Zoe...help!

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  1. #1 Jul 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    I have never liked the Zoe.....until NOW!!
    I saw this Zoe on a woman the other day and I loved it. It was so huge on her, but it definitely made a statement. It's the XL siggy/copper combo. Has anyone seen them anywhere? I did a search, but didn't find any info. I know there is someone here waiting on one they purchased off the bay....I've been dying to see the pics. Anyone seen them at the outlets??

    Did this combo even come in XL?
  2. It's all over the outlet now
  3. Yes, they have a bunch at my outlets in S. FL but they do not ship to other outlets anymore.... Maybe your Sa can arange it...
  4. This is my fav also!
  5. I have not seen the copper sig, just the rose/gold sig and the SA keep getting them confused and it drives me crazy - I call to put a copper on hold and when I get there it is the rose/gold ;(
  6. They only had this in large at my outlet yesterday. I love the color combo too
  7. should have added Not my auction.. this one has stains but the pictures give you a really good look at a copper sig.
  8. ^^off topic but it's weird Coach stopped lining up the C's on the bottom. That Zoe is genuine but crooked C's bother me. lol
  9. I will definitely have to make a trip to my outlet and look around. It's been awhile.
    Those of you that are familiar with Carly--how does the Large Zoe compare in size to the Large Carly? Seems like they would be about the same. I am 6'0", so I was hoping this color combo came in XL. I need big bags!
    What siggy colors came in XL? Anyone know? Thanks!
  10. Zoe didn't come in a Sig XL. The XL Editorial size only came in Leathers.

    Coach had Zoe pouches, Zoe in the Medium, and Zoe in the Large sizes that came in both Signature and Leathers. Zoe XL (Editorial size) only came in leather.

    A lot of sellers on ebay have been labeling the "Large" Zoe as "XL" Zoe, when in fact this labeling is false. This has been bugging the crap out of me since I've had my eye on a few XL Black Editorial Zoes on ebay.

    The Large Zoe is in fact rather big and large, but the XL Editorial size is even bigger.

    I posted this because I just didn't want you to be confused about the sizes when buying something on ebay or at an outlet.

    As far as listing the siggy colors, maybe one of the other ladies can help name them all, there were several color combos.
  11. ^^Thanks! I have noticed all of the incorrect listings that claim a Large Zoe is XL.
  12. Yeah, I have that same bag. :smile: & my seller also said it was an XL. but it's just a large. i have pics on my profile.
  13. i'll post some modeling pics in a few mins. :smile: i'm 5'2 & about 115ish lbs. & the bag kind of overpowers me. in a good way, i think. so don't freak out about the size, b/c i promise it's perfect.