I need this longchamp!

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  1. it's alrite. but i thought you were trying NOT to buy anything...?
  2. #3 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    A spate of new threads started daily about buying this or that bag, and purging and paring the collection, and returning impulse buys, and then buying the same type bag again:

    What's the deal?
  3. Hmm, I don't get the Longchamp love but to each their own. The zipper in the middle is throwing me off.
  4. You can always find something similar to this one. Longchamp does a Le Pliage with cross body strap that expands every season.
  5. you missed a couple months ago.... we had discussed much because it was on sale for $125.
  6. Longchamp le pliages (and my expandable carry on bag) is purely about function

    They are the most useful bag tools I have ever owned beyond the backpack

    Super strong, crazy light, waterproof and expandable/collapsable is an awesome additional feature.

    But I'm NOT BUYING I'm purging.

    CONFESSION: I did buy the smaller version of my green jenrigo tj maxx bag. So now I've got a green large one and a small brown one - but I gave it a test run and it is the PERFECT bag for me utlitiy wise. Plus you guys keep telling me it looks great on -- grin