I need this bag

  1. I have just saw a pic of the most amazing bag, Special order may go out the window if this is cheap enough. Does anyone know what its called, when its out and what price it is ?. Thanks and theres a pic in the attachment.
  2. That bag is sexy. There was already another post about it though although I don't remember which one.

    Pharell is also sexy. But I think those glasses don't suit him at all--it changes his signature face too much to the point where I could hardly recognize him. I prefer his sexy ugly face.
  3. Hi, yeah I saw the other thread but theres no info on this particular bag :sad:. But this bag is so sexy.
  4. I bet that bag is more than $1,100. :love:
  5. I hope its under $1,100 but it probably wont be :sad:
  6. I love that bag!!
  7. It's a new men's bag for fall--it's in LV's "book" for men's leather items. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the name. If I go back to the store, I'll look through the book again.
  8. thanks, I love it soo much, the colours are amazing
  9. It's probably around $4000
  10. Oh Good Lord :wtf:
  11. Yeah.. it's above $4k... ;)
  12. I look it up while I am at the store today.
  13. Thankyou :flowers:
  14. I also didn't recognize Pharrell with the glasses. I think that he has a sexy baby face..........
  15. Oh! I didn't recognize Pharrell either!! I thought it was Lenny Kravitz! LOL:lol: :upsidedown: