I Need These!

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  1. What size do you need?
  2. 41
  3. japskivt, they aren't in stores yet. Save the link on Saks.com and the SKU and then you can have an SA easily find them that way. They are supposed to arrive in April. It could be earlier or later. Barneys already got some of the original simples in this colored python, but in the 70 mm heel height.

    Make sure you check on them though b/c obviously a size 41 will go quickly. I'm not sure what your regular CL size is, but python stretches quite a bit, so you may even be able to do a 40.5.

    Hope you get them! :smile:
  4. I agree with Asha, keep the page bookmarked because people are bound to return a few pairs. The last time I called about these, the CS rep told me that they are expected to ship no later than April 30th so start checking around that date.
  5. and on another note, at that price tag, their will def. be returns, buyers remorse :yes: good luck!
  6. Thanks!
  7. I need a pair as well!
    I missed my chance to pre-order!:crybaby:
    I'll have to keep my eye out as well.
  8. Good luck finding them.