I need these Juicy flats!

  1. I'm going to go back and get them Friday. Do you think I could wear them with jeans? I'm not a very dressy girl most of the time so I don't want to spend $300 if I'll never wear them!

  2. You can wear them with jeans. :yes:
  3. I agree! I think it will look very cute with jeans.
  4. they are ADORABLE!! I've never seen that style before, can you link us? I LOVE them!
  5. buy them and wear them!!
  6. Those would look great with jeans! I think they would look super cute with practically anything, actually!
  7. definetely!
  8. Wear with jeans! Those are so cute, for once, a juicy shoe that I like!! :smile:
  9. they'd look really cute with a pair of skinny jeans!
  10. Very cute and will def work with jeans!
  11. those are totally cute!! they go perfect with jeans and im sure youll get alot of wear outta them!:yes:
  12. absolutely cute and most definitely can be worn with jeans. :yes:
  13. very very VERY cute! i would :smile:
  14. Those are awfully cute! I kinda like them for myself too!