I need therapy...

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  1. I recently just received a boy bag from hubby as an early push present on the same date we found out the sex of our baby. And now I still want to get another boy bag in black. I know that I don't need it but I keep thinking it. Is this an addiction?

    I been so good for 2 years. And now all of a sudden after receiving my boy, I keep wanting more.
  2. Definitely sounds like an addiction that we can all relate to ;)
  3. Yes, you have an addiction! You're not alone cuz I've been thinking that I need therapy too:smile:
  4. I recently got a Boy bag for my Birthday from my boyfriend, and I also want.....not 'need' another Boy! They are all so beautiful, it's hard not to be addicted to them. We're Boy Crazy LOL I probably won't get another one until June though. I'll enjoy all the gorgeous Boy reveals til then :biggrin:
  5. Blame it on the hormones =D just kidding. Chanel is a total addiction...it's so hard to resist!
  6. It's totally addicting! I'm totally scouring the threads to figure out my must haves each season!!
  7. That's how it all begins... You get one bag and then you want more because you love the one you have so much. It's an addiction but hey, you're on a forum where most people are just like you. ;)
  8. Absolutely it's an addiction; We are all Chanelaholics!
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    Addiction. I recently had a relapse. I was good for 8 months, then I bought one & got hooked again.
    Chanel is just so amazing & hard to resist, especially this season w all the juicy colors.
  10. I'm the same way. I have bought two in the last 14 days -- which is a lot for me/us… I told my husband that I was going to be done for the year 2014 (part of the reason is that I bought 8 last year), and I'm already on to the next damn thing.

    I haven't even USED the first bag I bought or RECEIVED the second one I bought and still, I'm like, dying for … minis, more wallets on chains, the blue/yellow/orange jumbo, a so black, and then I haven't even started in on the boy collection! It's THE WORST. And the best. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  11. Yup it is addictive. I purchases a chanel woc and now I am on wait lists for 3 chanel purses. I am dreading going on a ban at the end of this year
  12. We are all so screwed this season!!

    I bought two flaps in Dec and told my hubby that I will be done for 2014.

    But, so far this year, I have got a GST(still new cuz I have doubts but so far it looks like the top and most economical for a Chanel tote), 3 WOC (1 unexpected prize and two on the way), a fuchsia flap (waiting to decide between fuchsia and pink), a beige fonce chevron boy and want a black on black Boy.

    Oh my god!!! Someone please check me into Chanel rehab!
  13. It is totally addicting and I need therapy too. I need to go on a long long long ban to a place where the internet or electricity doesn't exist so I won't be tempted!
  14. addiction, they're so pretty!!! Which color did you get your first boy?
  15. Very addicting and this forum is an enabler...I think when I want to go on ban island I am going to have to also stay away from this forum...