I need the support of enablers (new shoes)

  1. Weitzman.jpg
  2. Definitely not so bad...
  3. Rhonda my friend - been missing you. You mad great purchases. The weitzman pumps are hot...had my eye on them but made too many other purchases.
  4. I love them! The chain definitely adds some spice to those shoes..not a bad price either!
  5. Thanks, ya'll. I saw the Weitzmans in a Zappos mailing in November and just loved them on sight. It's such a feminine shoe, but then the chrome heel and chain platform give them an edge, I think!
  6. OMG - those Chloes are the cutest shoes I've seen in a long time - so happy for you! You did the right thing and got great sales! Mind you this is coming from a woman who could have started this post! :p
  7. So cute! I saw the SWs the other day, but had just gone nuts in Saks, so I couldn't justify more purchases. They are fabulous, though!
  8. defintiely not so bad at all. great prices and cute shoes.
  9. those SW are hot!
  10. I love the Weitzman heel! It looks like the Christian Louboutin Rolando a little bit without the chain. Congrats! Also the price is not expensive, you got a good deal!