I need the Real Scoop on Paddys

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  1. I need some good advice and the honest truth on Paddies. I have been looking and pondering one for over a year and can't get a fix on whether one would be good for me or not. I love the look. I love the leather.

    Here is my main concern. Are they a PIA to get in and out of? Is that lock and double sided zipper trouble? I really like functional bags and I am worried this is more about style than functionality.

    And weight in the medium Paddy. How heavy is it? I am not too much of a wimp. I carry Koobas which are notoriously heavy in some styles.

    And what should I expect to pay tops for a new vs used Paddy?
    Is there some colors I shouldn't consider? Do the colors fade or transfer onto clothing?

    Sorry for all the questions but when considering a bag of considerable money I want to be sure. Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. OK my honest opinion on the paddy & I have sold so many of them.
    1. Yes they can be heavy depending on what you put in.
    2. Lock can be a PIA, you have to haul it over to make bag look good
    3. No problem with colour transference
    4. Best colours IMO were the blanc or the craie, black is good, as is whiskey
    5. No prob with double zipper, some the zippers come out at the end giving more access to interior, some were fixed which i didn't like.
    6. Sorry I have no idea as to price for good used bags as I only sell new but one thing for sure if it is too cheap then probably a fake!
  3. It is SUPER functional IMO!!! I find that my Paddy is so easy to get in and out of. I love how i can reach right in and get my cell phone out of the cell phone pocket, I love how it rests easily on my shoulder, and there is more room than I can fill. It is one of my most favorite bags!!!

    As for colors, I strongly recommend Chocolate, Whiskey, Mousse, Tan, Muscade, Bleu Nuit- because they are great versatile colors that are VERY durable. I think you only need ot be concerned about color transfer with the lighter color (ivory, craie, blanc etc) bags.

    Best thing is to go take a look in our reference thread so you can see
    which color you fall in love with!
  4. I really need to get a mental picture. How can you reach right in and get your phone if you have to undo the lock, unflap it then open 2 zippers? Or is the phone holder in the middle right under the lock?

    I know the size would be perfect and I am really a lover of satchel/hand held bags. I adore the look. Which I could borrow one for a week.....LOL
  5. i think its very easy to get stuff in and out if you dont have the lock. but its pretty heavy tho. after carrying paddy, balenciaga feels like feather.
  6. I was concerned about the lock and zipper thing. You have the lock on the latch but you don't have the zipper tags secure over the latch, so you can open your zippers any time while still sporting the lock.

    I figured this out when I received my first Paddy (however it was returned; the color was wrong) and it was then that I finally realized, "oh" that's how it's done.

    The lock adds weight but it's the signature thing. So when I get the right paddy it will stay.
  7. The designated cell phone pocket can reached without flipping the lock or undoing the zippers.

    I keep my cell in one of the side 'pockets' and it's totally convenient.

    The bag can easily be carried over the shoulder too!

    If you really want to borrow one, that's easy too: bagborroworsteal.com

  8. Oh, as far as weight, it's 3.5 lbs empty, 3 lbs without the lock.

    The prices really vary: new bags are not on sale right this minute, but there were a TON of sales in Dec at NM, Nordies, and NAP. If you can hold out there might be more coming.

    If you need a bag now you can find a lovely 06 bag on eBay for ~$950. Check the eBay finds thread for pre-authenticated bags.
  9. Oh, okay. I am getting the picture. And the lock is unassociated with the zippers.
    I really appreciate the help. I don't think I would do the eBay route with a purchase like this. Just like with my B-bags I think I would wait until someone I knew had one they wanted to part with...ya know?

    It took me 2 years until I bought a Balenciaga, and of course I fell in love when I did. I just want to make sure with the Paddy. But everytime I see one my heart does that little tug, so I see what's coming this year.

    Last year I bought my first B-bag and Twiggy. This year is going to be a Paddy I am thinking.
  10. It is a PIA and it is heavy as a brick. Having said that I returned my first one and said what kind of nut would carry this bag, the zippers come apart on each side, forget about actually locking it up...

    Now having said that, they came out with a Paddy in a blue jeans color and I went so nuts over the color I didn't care if it was like getting into a brinks truck or carrying one around. I love these bags, the leather is unbelieveable, and its now my favorite (plus we have a sibling in whiskey), but if you are looking for functional, comfortable, I have to honestly say no. You would probably want something with only a zip on top, no other gadgets, crossovers, etc.
  11. PS, Best price I've gotten was $985, I'd start to get worred much lower than that because the retail around $1500, unless of course your grabbed a sale at Neimans, Nordstroms, or Saks, and authenticity would not be a question. There are alot of fakes out there. I try to look for them to be super slouchy and the brass is not shiny.
  12. I appreciate the honesty ReRe. Maybe I would be like you and purchase one for special occasions. I know how it is with a "lust" bag. Sometimes the look and the leather is enough.
  13. LOL, love the anology rere!

    Lexie2000, there are other styles than the satchel that are easier to get into. The loaf bag has a zippered lid that makes it very easy to get in/out of without the lock...


  14. I should mention though that this style is from 05 and pretty much only available on the secondary market. But the current zippy is cute too!
  15. Most of the resales are about half the original price, unless it's a rare bag, and/or a really mint condition one. I have only bought a few used bags and all of those were really unused closet tenants...with tags, original dustbags, etc. You have to be VERY PICKY and really be careful not to get a fake. Price will help, but some of the fakes are expensive as well to throw you off! Roz who sells on ebay, roz77772002 sells the real thing, as does Elizabeth Thomas, and a few others. I think there is a thread with the sites of some legit sellers. I have never had a problem with a color, or getting in and out of the bag. I keep my cell phone in one of the pockets as well. I usually don't use the lock to lock the bag. I just keep the zippers closed and flip the lock over for that great Chloe look!:jammin: