I need the pro's!

  1. I need expert advice and this is the best thread with the nicest folks :heart:

    Is Kelsey heavy like Ava or Sienna or is the leather a little thinner? AND is $416.00 too much??
  2. Sorry posk51, I've never had a Kelsey, so I couldn't tell you if it's as heavy as the Sienna or the Ada (which I do own). However, perhaps Lexie can advise, since I know she once had a khaki Kelsey and an Ada and still has a couple of Siennas.

    As for price, they're quite hard to find, and a quick Intenet search only showed Active Endeavors as having a khaki Kelsey for $416.50. Someone mentioned in the Deals & Steals the discount code apologies which takes 25% off the price (including sales items) - try it in case it still works.

    Good luck!
  3. 25% off will make that bag much more affordable. Also sorry25 may work.

    The Kelsey is very structured. It's not as heavy as an Ada and maybe as heavy as a Sienna (which I don't find heavy at all). As for thinner? Maybe a little but atill substantial. The leather is soft and smooth (very nice leather that is prone to white scuff marks that can be rubbed out). It does not fit well under the arm due to it's large depth. Someone said it would be like carrying a shoebox under your arm and that's a great description. It can be done but your arm will be waaaaay out there...LOL It has 2 hidden side pockets which is nice and a very roomy interior and soft soft handles. Basically I sold it because it looks a little conservative. A great business woman's bag. It's no nonsense and not fussy.
    Hope this helps.
  4. I'm not a pro and I know this isn't very helpful, but that Kelsey in Java is beautiful! Is that the one you're looking at?
  5. If thats the case on the Kelsey, it will give you "fat arm" so I would avoid it. No matter how thin you are, if you have a big thick bag under your arm, it's going to look fat. My friend taught me that. Now I check that with all new bags...hee he ehe